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UPDATE (5/2/09): The script originally referenced in this post is no longer available (the author, LinkyMe, mysteriously disappeared – along with his site).

If you read my previous post about link saturation, unindexed referrers, and third-party sitemaps (Don’t Waste Backlinks – Tell Googlebot About Unindexed Referrers…) then you probably had either one of the following three reactions:

  1. What’s a Googlebot?
  2. I know what you’re saying but have no clue how to do it
  3. Thanks for the tip; I’m gonna do it right now

If you don’t know/care about getting your site indexed better, I can’t help you. For the rest of you, I can help you. Or rather, I’ll point you to someone who has made a tool that does exactly what I’m talking about for all future visitors to your site.

This Link Saturation Script generates the code for you – all ready for you to put on your site after you plug in the parameters. Go to and put in the names of any sites you don’t want to be counted as referrers (like your own site), and then put in your keywords. Click “Get Pink Hack Code”.

The next screen will provide you with the code. Copy and paste the code somewhere on your site, i.e. in your single.php or your site’s template file so that it works on every page of your site.

Easy as pie. Be sure to thank the guy who made this helpful ping script (who are you anyway??), and enjoy the benefits.

(Keep in mind this script will only benefit you going forward; unindexed referrers sitting in your servers logs still will need to be indexed and generating a “third-party sitemap” as described in the previous post is the way to do it.)

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15 thoughts on “Link Saturation & Backlink Indexing – Free Ping Hack Script”

  1. glad that you found the little script helpful, i can tell you it really does work and other people charge for stuff like this.

    I am of the mindset that i will let a lot of people get the better deal of any transaction with me, but then i do a lot of transactions with a lot of people so in the end i win. so “the guy” is all about win-win.

    Let kindly ask you to remove a call to action to click on the links on my page as that is not fair to the people buying the ads (an not nessary because the ads are good and targeted as it is). There is even a chance that i might get in trouble with google which would really suck. The best way to thank me is a link.


    I also have two other scripts on that site, one for each visitor to ping for you when (s)he visits, and one that makes enticing urls.

    1. You got it – post is now edited. Thanks again…BTW should we use BOTH ping scripts on a site? What exactly is the distinction between the two??

  2. You should only use one of the ping hacks not both. (both won’t work at the same time anyways i don’t think, because pingomatic has a throttle)

    I actually “turn on” and “turn off” the saturation script every so often just to make sure everything is up to par. On a completly white hat sight i wouldn’t turn on the visitor ping for you very much if at all.

    Now let me explain the hiddent jewl behind the “visitor ping for you” that is when they ping for your site.

    Black hat people create rss scraper sites.

    They do this by comparing the rss xml titles in rss feeds as they get posted up by the ping services (they normally have scrolling list of all the most recent pings with titles and links to the rss feeds).

    When they find a title that matches there keywords, they download the rss feed, post the rss xml description and LINK back to the original source. That is they link to your page.

    So the more often you ping, the more likely your site will get snatched by a black hat who although they have the same content, will not have the benefit of all the other black hats linking to them (each black hat will be linking to your site not any other black hats)

    so basically you will be getting a whole host of back links for nothing, without spamming any people (i am very against spamming people, spaming bots doesn’t hurt anyone).

    seeing as you are not pinging from your ip address you won’t get banned.

    Now you can create a script that is even more devilish and exploit the black hats directly by, creating a fake rss fee, pumped up with your own affiliate links or redirect sites using the same exact titles that you know the black hats are already scraping. This will give you a few hundread back links per hour, the problem is that it gives so many back links so fast that some search engines might frown on it (not really worth it for a white hat site, but find for a redirect site). I have a script that does this too, but it is turn key (you just input the affiliatiat links urls or target links urls, keywords, and descriptions, you get traffic, you get sales). Sorry but this script is not free, to many idiots would get there hands on it if it was. You can email me if you want in on it, shawn you are welcome to post my email here, i won’t because i don’t want to be flagged as spam.

    [Edit: Here it is -]

    If you have a really devilish black hat websit you can do caleidoscope iframe hacks, but it can get ugly.

  3. Hey Linkyme, your website is down and not accessible. any problem? I used the script some months back,cant get the code again.

  4. OK, I made a WP plugin to do this, and added some new features. It will be available within a week or two, so be sure to go to the homepage and give me your email and I’ll send you an alert when it’s available. (Link is in the post above.)

  5. Great info, and very useful, as with the previous post on Unindexed Referrers.

    Can someone please explain to me what a PING is in this context? I remember the term from when I was studying software engineering many years ago and it referencing and empty communication across a network to test connection speed etc, but I don’t see how it is used in the blogging world.

    (forgive me, I’m new to the Blogosphere!)

  6. I actually “turn on” and “turn off” the saturation script every so often just to make sure everything is up to par. On a completely white hat sight i wouldn’t turn on the visitor ping for you very much if at all.

  7. Great Post! Thank you for shedding some light on this subject. There is a confusing array of wordpress plugins out there now and knowing which ones are actually useable can be a time consuming process. I pleased to say this works and is highly effective.

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