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Entries from September 2012

3 Reasons You Should Be a Creator – Instead of Just a Worker!

September 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

No matter who says it can’t be done, there are a LOT of small business owners who “DID build that” – all over the world. The DIY, self-made/home-made way of doing things might not be as visible as it was fifty years ago, but it’s alive and well. Lots of people make things and repair […]

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Why You Need to Make It On Your Own

September 7th, 2012 · Comments Off

From LewRockwell.com, I recently found the article Real Wealth, Gold, and Why Government May Want You on Food Stamps. Here’s an excerpt that really jumped out at me: The bread lines of yesterday are the Food Stamps of today. In the 1950s Russian people stood in bread lines for hours. It was the best way […]

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