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6 Blogging / WordPress Articles Actually Worth Reading

May 12th, 2007 by shawn · 3 Comments

Dontcha hate having to learn stuff by trial-and-error? It’s best to learn things by other people’s experience: it takes less time and is much safer. (Which I guess I could appreciate more if I worked with power saws, for example.) Even in the world of blogging, there are things that can go wrong and it’s best to find out what can go wrong before it goes wrong so it doesn’t go wrong.

So here are six links to what I consider excellent articles (or series) on the subject of blogging in general and in a few cases WordPress in particular. Note: if you don’t have a blog, most (ok, all) of the following links won’t matter to you.

102 Ways to Make Your Blog or Site a Backlink Superstar

31 Days to Building a Better Blog

WordPress Tips by BloggingPro

The Top 77 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

SEO For Everybody

The Ultimate WordPress Setup

If you’ve written a great post on your blog about blogging, don’t feel slighted; I can’t read everything out there, now can I? So if you’ve written a great article on blogging or if you know of an essential article that bloggers need to read go ahead and leave it in the comments.

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    Comment by Joshua Dorkin
    2007-05-12 05:05:04

    Hey! Thanks for including my 77 Mistakes post in your article. I’m glad you’ve found it to be worth sharing! All my best.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-05-14 02:27:32

    Thanks for your article – it´s very helpful, and I glad I can steer a few people to your site.

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    Comment by Theda K.
    2007-05-17 01:10:09

    Great links! A lot to process, but well worth the effort. My blog will be a force to be reckoned with very soon. Thanks!

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