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7 Easy Ways to Save Money with Car Expenses

September 23rd, 2007 by rosie · 10 Comments

Practically everyone has one or two cars these days, some even more. Such a used and useful amenity costs money to acquire and more money to maintain. Here are 7 easy things you can do to save some bucks when it comes to car expenses.

1. Buy bargain tires marked blems. Though perfectly useful, they have minor cosmetic blemishes in the sidewalls.

2. Lengthen the life of windshield wipers by rubbing the edges of the blades with a knife or the striking part of a matchbook cover. This exposes softer material underneath and improves the wiping ability of the blades.

3. Preserve a car’s finish by washing it with cold or lukewarm water, never hot water.

4. Run the air conditioner at least 10 minutes every week to maintain coolant pressure and avoid costly air conditioner breakdowns.

5. Clean corrosion off the battery terminals. Use a wire brush or steel wool to scrape the battery posts and cable clamps. Make a solution of baking soda and water to clean the top surface; don’t let the solution seep under cell caps.

6. Prevent wind resistance, which cuts performance up to 5 miles per gallon, by keeping the windows closed while driving.

7. Drive the recommended speed limit for maximum fuel efficiency. Be aware that every 5 miles over so m.p.h. cuts fuel performance by two miles per gallon.

If you have a car, then you will be spending money on it as long as it runs. Why not make a few small changes and spend less? There are dozens of other things you can and should do to reduce vehicle expenses. These 7 are an easy way to get started on your way to saving some bucks.

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    2007-09-24 07:49:14

    Saving your car and money is important for us car and vehicle lovers. Thanks for this nice post.

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    2007-09-25 12:38:06

    Yes is a good way to save money, and cars, nice post !

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    Comment by Scottsdale Realtor
    2007-09-25 18:00:17

    I’ve used most of the tips before. The only one that I won’t do is buy blem tires. Just not for me. The tip about the wiper blades is one that I haven’t heard of before. Interesting.

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    Comment by Layla
    2007-09-26 19:42:33

    Thanks for the great information, especially the trick with the wipers. I find that I replace wipers way too often, but may I’ll be able to cut down now.

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    Comment by Education Blogger
    2007-09-26 20:47:44

    I might have to try this one… It seems like every set of wiper blades I buy is terrible after the first week!

    Comment by Science of Identity
    2007-09-30 11:40:01

    I’m actually happy to hear this. I’m always looking for ways to cut down petrol costs I knew about the faster you go the more gas you use but I didn’t realize driving with your windows down created so much drag. I guess thats the end of me driving with my arm out the window looking cool. :)

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    Comment by Bambi
    2007-10-08 19:00:20

    Washing your car with hot water will never be a good iea.. lol

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    Comment by Bountiful, Utah
    2009-06-16 02:58:22

    Spot on with the blems recommendation – I saved tons of money on that when I was going through flat tires as a pizza delivery boy in Utah.

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    Comment by SaveMoney
    2009-06-18 08:40:31

    Thanks for the great tips, I use to live in AZ and the advise on saving windshield wipers would have come in very handy. They dry out and crack so quickly their.

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    Comment by Miami homes
    2011-10-01 18:05:57

    Great tips, I’m already practicing some of those tips but the wind resistance idea is a good one. It feels great to own cars but if it starts giving problems it become unending. The tips you shared certainly are great ways to save cash.

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