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$980k in 18 Months: The Bloodhound Method of Building Authority Websites

March 28th, 2012 by shawn · 3 Comments

If you want to build a money-making machine, you need a website that meets a need, provides useful information, and engages the audience. The website should focus on content and develop a community. It should be an authority. How to do that is the question, but in this great video by Vishen Lakhiani he gives you the exact step-by-step plan he used to generate $980,000 dollars in less than two years. He calls it the “Bloodhound Method” and this fifteen-minute video is well worth watching – because he explains exactly what he did, and how you can also do it.

What do you think of the Bloodhound Method? Do you see any ways you can utilize it in your niche? Let me know.

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    Comment by Khan
    2012-04-14 07:46:25

    I cannot believe this that money making is that easy with websites, great post!11

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    Comment by James
    2012-04-20 21:48:38

    Not bad, although these guys typically make more money telling/selling people how to make money…food for thought

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    Comment by FTSE Predictions
    2012-04-21 15:19:14

    Yeh it is a good post but I can’t see that just through ad clicks alone you can make that much, there must have been so much more involved than just building sites :)

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