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A Secret of the Self-Employed

April 10th, 2007 by rosie · 1 Comment

Why work for yourself?

If you’re here, then you probably already have some reasons of your own for wanting to be self-employed. Maybe you are tired of long hours, short pay, and not being appreciated. Or you may worry about your job security. Perhaps you want to pursue your true interests and passion. Then again, you might be tired of working to make someone else wealthy – while you make a meager salary in comparison.

There are many reasons people look for ways to be their own boss, and most of the reasons are sensible – and valid… But millions of self-employed people know something that you might not know. There’s an additional reason why you might want to become an entrepreneur. Let’s call it the Secret of the Self-Employed…

Recent research by the University of Durham in the UK has shown that people who run their own businesses are more satisfied with their jobs. So, when you claim that if you could be your own boss you would be happier, you are right!

Being your own boss usually means greater flexibility, independence, and superior job satisfaction. Isn’t that what the regular working person wants? In many cases an entrepreneur may work longer hours for less pay than his traditionally employed counter-part. But, as Andrew Oswald, an economist at the Warwick University in England put it, “Everything associated with self-employment–independence, autonomy–is also associated with being happy” (www.Forbes.com).

So if you are seriously wanting to be an entrepreneur, just remember that the biggest reward you get in return might not be money, but your own personal fulfillment and happiness.

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    Comment by gables estates
    2011-09-26 07:02:06

    People turn to self employment for many reasons. While some try to become self reliant because of unemployment problems some choose to become self employed because of their passion to work independently. Its does feels good to be the boss and run one’s own empire whether big or small but the journey is very challenging.

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