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Before Submitting Your Site to Digg – 3 Essential Steps

April 17th, 2007 by shawn · No Comments

So you have a website, and you want to submit it to Digg. “Man, that would be so cool to get ranked on Digg,” you think. Oh, you sad, naive little person. You haven’t prepared at all for what Digg will unleash upon your site!! (Of course, assuming that your link is worthy of getting dugg.) So – keeping with this assumed given that your link is Digg-worthy – here are three things you must do to avoid the Digg-effect:

  1. Have Enough Bandwidth. If you (all of a sudden) go from 61 unique visits one day to 8213 the next, I don’t have to tell you: that’s a big difference. The bandwidth usage difference will surprise you, so be prepared. While it can be thrilling to wake up one morning to see that you’ve gotten dugg a few hundred times and your site has gotten x-amount of visitors, you’ll have more of a sinking feeling when you see that “Bandwidth Exceeded” message instead of your homepage.
  2. Be Optimized. Your site should be ready for incoming visitors as well as incoming links. Your SEO should be up to snuff, as well as your site’s performance. For a WordPress site (such as diydollars.com) there are some easy things you can do. First, you simply must read the series of posts entitled SEO For Everybody by Chris Pearson – it’s good stuff. Second, check out The Ultimate WordPress Setup for an easy step-by-step optimization tips. Finally, this article – High Performance WordPress. This covers actual server performance and caching.
  3. Take Advantage of Traffic. If you’re going to get hundreds of new visitors to your site, why not make sure they have something to come back to – sufficient amounts of useful content. Make sure they have a way to subscribe to your content – offer a feed. And make sure you keep offering useful content – post regularly. And while they’re there you might consider monetizing your site to hopefully pay for some of that bandwidth – the more visitors you get, they more likely your ads will get some clicks. After all, everyone wants to make a million bucks with their little website, right?

So there you have it – the three things I and and lot of other people should have done before seeing what Digg hath wrought upon their feeble server.

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