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The REAL Reason Our Economy Is Failing?

July 22nd, 2009 · Comments Off

There are a lot of “reasons” being given (on the news, in the papers, and from the honest truthful unmanipulative mouths of political leaders) for our failed economy. (And I do mean “failed” – not just failing. We have a corpse on our hands, I don’t care how many times you put the shock paddles […]

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money with Car Expenses

September 23rd, 2007 · 10 Comments

Practically everyone has one or two cars these days, some even more. Such a used and useful amenity costs money to acquire and more money to maintain. Here are 7 easy things you can do to save some bucks when it comes to car expenses.

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Save Money During a Move

September 8th, 2007 · 7 Comments

Moving is such a pain. I have moved 9 times since I got married, and we aren’t even military!!!! It’s always a lot of hard work and never any fun. And it can cost a small fortune. But if you have to move and you are on a budget, there are a few things you […]

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Rule #1: Keep Track of Your Money

July 19th, 2007 · 7 Comments

We talk a great deal about how to earn money on this blog. I have mentioned a few online methods of earning dollars including affiliate programs, pay-per-click programs, and even selling stuff online. We also have talked about “real world” methods of earning money. But one thing I haven’t really talked about is keeping track […]

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Things You Should Never Pay For

July 4th, 2007 · 8 Comments

Nothing in life is free. Or so they say. BUT, there are times when you CAN get free things. As a matter of fact, there are some things you should NEVER pay for. I am not talking about bootlegging movies or music, or stealing satellite TV. (Never break the law, ever. What would your momma […]

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How a Teen Can Make a Million Dollars with No Work

June 19th, 2007 · 11 Comments

When I think of how easy it is for a teenager to make an easy million for retirement, I almost get sick because no one told me about this 15 years ago. Now I’m already old. If I want to make a million dollars, I have to work extra hard for it. But these teens […]

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The Secret is a Big Scam. Sorry to Break the News.

June 1st, 2007 · 14 Comments

There is a lot of hype out there surrounding the New Age book/DVD called The Secret, by Wanda Byrne. Everywhere I turn, someone is talking about it; it’s gotten press on Oprah, Larry King, and Saturday Night Live even did a skit about it. Being naturally curious (OK- maybe nosy is more like it), I […]

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Why You’ll Never Be Rich

May 21st, 2007 · 6 Comments

Nearly everyone wants to be rich. But only a few make it. Why? And why won’t you ever be rich? Three main reasons YOU won’t be in the Forbes top 100 or even the top 100,000:

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How to Rip-Off the Credit Card & Oil Companies

May 17th, 2007 · 8 Comments

The two entities I hate most are credit card companies and the gasoline/oil companies. (I’m not a big IRS fan either, actually. So let’s make it three things.) I don’t enjoy giving so much of my money to any of the above – they take too much and always want more. Not only is their […]

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“I’ll Make You Rich” – Scammers & Their Tricks

May 16th, 2007 · 3 Comments

In researching for another article, I became acutely aware of how easily regular people will fall for a scam. I’m not talking about frail elderly retirees pressured into investing in some fraudulent business by a sleaze-ball con-artist, as has been known to happen. I am talking about otherwise worldly and informed, intelligent regular Joe’s and […]

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