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DIY Business Profiles: Sticker Junkie

April 19th, 2007 by shawn · No Comments

This week I profile a very cool business that has proven to be quite successful for its founder. If you read magazines such as Juxtapoz, you might’ve seen their ads. Check it out, and be inspired.

Name of Business: Sticker Junkie

Website: http://stickerjunkie.com

Type of Business: Custom sticker printing.

Begun over ten years ago by true DIY entrepreneur and recent Apprentice superstar Andrea Lake, Sticker Junkie prints no-frills stickers made-to-order. This means you can plaster your town with stickers advertising your band, business, or your election slogan – and do it for cheap! Want a sticker that says ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US so you can confuse old people? They can make it. They can make a sticker say anything.

The service is convenient; you go to their website, type in what you want the sticker to say, pick your font, and click the order button. A few weeks later, you have your stickers.

The good: Pricing starts at $25 for 100 stickers – so its affordable. The ordering process couldn’t be easier.

The bad: Just like the old Model T Ford, you can have your stickers in any color as long as its black (with white text).

It’s a cool business idea, and Sticker Junkie does it well. As a resource for small businesses they rule as well, because their affordable service can be used to create cheap, very visible advertising.

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