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Easy Backlinks with Comment Hut & My Free Keyword Link Tool

July 6th, 2007 by shawn · 17 Comments

<!–wpads#insidepost-square-left–> Okay so I’ve been flooded with emails (well, two actually) asking me about the program Comment Hut that I talked about in this post about SEO Warfare and how to get more backlinks. I realized that I should explain in slightly more detail how exactly to use Comment Hut, and then I started thinking about how to best use all the links you can create with Comment Hut.

If you read SEO Warfare 1, 2, and 3 and (probably most relevant) Don’t Waste Backlinks, then you’ll know why I am telling you to do parts 5 and 6 below. If you haven’t read those posts, they’ll spell it all out. In this post, I’m going to explain how I use Comment Hut software to get backlinks for my sites.

So to quote Han Solo, here goes nothin’. I’m gonna explain it in more detail.


1. Download Comment Hut. This is a great program for getting quality backlinks. The free version (they call it “Comment Hut Lite”) is very useful even though it limits you to ten results from a search. But getting ten free targeted links to your site is worth a download. If you try it out and you like it like me (I use it every day), get the full version. It gives you unlimited search results and pulls results from Squidoo, Hubpages, Drupal, TypePad, and a couple other types of sites as well. (If you do get the full version, I appreciate you using my affiliate link above and hope the positive karma returns to you.)

2. Install and start Comment Hut. Duh.

3. Enter your desired target term. If you have a website about t-shirts, then type in “t-shirts”. You want to seek out content that relates to your site so that when you get your link (from that site), it’s relevant. Comment Hut will find all the sites that have posts about t-shirts. While it’s getting the results, go do something like have a cup of coffee or help get a kitten out of a tree or write a letter to the Ethiopian kid you support or whatever. When you return to your computer, you’ll see the Comment Hut screen full of search results from all kinds of blogs. These will all be posts about your target term.

(You can tell it you want to find out the PageRank as well, but personally I don’t care about the PR of a site. I just go down the list and, well…read on.)

3. Enter comments. Double-click on one of the results. It will open that blog post in your browser. Read over the post, and then click the “leave a comment” link. Put your name, your email, and see where it has a spot for “URL”? Put your website address there. Now, time to leave your comment. Don’t post meaningless garbage, like “Good post!”. The blog owner will just delete your comment. (Don’t post meaningless garbage like “Pumpkin rabbit marshmallow!” either. That would be weird, and they’ll also delete your comment.) Post something like, “I never knew how much the Wii could change my life. After reading your post, I too am inspired to lose 378 pounds by playing the Wii boxing game for eight hours a day, every day. Great post!” and the blog owner will read it and comment back and everyone will be happy. And the link to your site will stay put.

[Note: Comment Hut isn’t a spam program. All it does is find relevant posts. It doesn’t post anything for you. You have to type the posts. If you post spam, that’s up to you – and if you make meaningful comments that’s up to you too.]

4. Make a list of your commented blog posts. After you enter a comment and you see it on the page, do a CTRL-C to copy the URL and paste it into a text document. You’re gonna need to keep a list of all the post URLs where you entered comments for the next step. This is for a super-secret project that I’m about to ONLY YOU. (Yes, you sitting at that computer. Why aren’t you wearing pants?) I want you to make ONE URL per line, okay? Serious.

5. Use my Keyword Linker Tool. (No, I didn’t say “Use my keyword linker, tool.” I would never call you a tool.) This is what you’re gonna use to make your Comment Hut-entered comments really pay off! It’s a script I will keep hosted here for you to use for free – and if you do any SEO type stuff at all, you’ll find uses for it…First, you need to “enhance” the URL list you just made, but putting some keywords or phrases next to the URLs. So for example:


Would get some relevant keywords added next to it, like:

http://rockabillystyle.info Rockabilly Music Clothing Shoes

Just enter some typical relevant keywords (maybe three to five) – it doesn’t matter if they make sense to a human, either. Just make them things Google would enjoy. After you do this to all of the URLs, copy the entire list (with their keywords) and go to here: Keyword Linker Tool. See the big empty text area? Paste your keyword-and-URL list in there and click the button. WHAMMO! You get a bunch of HTML. But this HTML turns plain ol’…

http://rockabillystyle.info Rockabilly Music Clothing Shoes


Rockabilly Music Clothing Shoes

Now do you see where I’m going with this? The HTML that was automagically generated with some PHP (and a tasty little bit of regex sprinkled in) makes all those keywords turn into anchor text for all those blog post URLs. And now that your link is in each of those blog posts, we want those URLs to get indexed because they’re our friends now. So what do we do? #6.

6. Make a webpage with your new HTML. Lots you can do here. You can just make the most simple web page in any text editor and upload it to your site, and submit that web page address to Google, Microsoft Live, etc. if you want. Or, you can get free hosting accounts (like maybe a Blogger blog, a Hubpage, a hosted WordPress blog, etc.) and paste your HTML to a page there. OR, you can even ask me, and I will put your links page on one of my sites and make the search engine spiders come get it. All I ask is a link to one of my sites in return. (This is best; I don’t submit it to the search engines but my sites get spidered constantly. When the search engines find links or content on their own, they tend to be ranked better and get indexed faster.)

Whew. Okay, I think I explained the proper use of Comment Hut and how to REALLY benefit from all the links it will help you to get to your site.

If you make a bunch of relevant comments across a bunch of different blogs, you’ll soon see that the varied “locations” of your comments coupled with the highly specific target of the topics in those commented posts will make a huge difference in how well, how often, and how deep your site is spidered and indexed by the search engines. All this comes together to eventually gain your site a better ranking and better traffic.

Happy linking…

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    2007-07-06 02:42:03

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    Comment by Russ
    2007-07-06 03:20:48

    I really like your use of humor in this post.

    You had me up until step 5. I’m concerned that using your “third party sitemap” idea you’re winding up essentially creating mini-link farms that Google won’t like ( in the long run). I know that if I were google and I saw a wordpress blog with a bajillion pages of just handfuls of links to other pages that I’d be unhappy about it.

    Of course, it’s probably the direct link of your link farm that would suffer; you’d be sort of sabotaging each of the targets in step 5 once you made step 6, wouldn’t you? Your own link from the comments of the step 5 link wouldn’t suffer so badly though.

    What do you think?

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-07-06 12:19:10

    Russ, I’m not so sure these would be looked at as link farms although I see why you bring it up. The goal of the third-party sitemaps is only to get Google to take another look at the pages they point to, so they see the comment backlink. After that, the third party sitemaps are disposable as far as I’m concerned. Also, there are only one-way out links on these 3rd-party sitemaps, not links between all the sites and the 3rd-party sitemap – - and if you have this 3rd party sitemap as one page as part of a much larger site, I really don’t see why there would be any penalties from Google. If you’re using a free hosting account well yeah I think that site is gonna go nowhere in Google’s eyes, but again there’s no way they’re gonna penalize the sites being linked to if they fulfill Google’s webmaster guidelines. 3rd-Party Sitemaps != Google bowling. Not even close.

    I’ve been doing stuff like this for a while and haven’t seen any negative results.

    Comment by Web Design Company
    2007-07-07 22:13:17

    What kind of results has comment marketing yielded for you? Thanks!


    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by shawn
    2007-07-11 01:39:52

    Well, lots of backlinks that don’t get deleted…which is a very good thing indeed.

    Comment by Mark
    2007-07-07 23:44:49

    I think this is a great idea. I want to get an idea of what kind of results you have seen so far from doing this?

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by shawn
    2007-07-11 01:44:29

    Well I’ve seen traffic from various places that I previously never got traffic from. I also had someone find my blog (because I commented on their blog) and they made a post about one of my articles (this one) and I probably get 30 uniques a day from that alone. I dunno, it’s just good all around. I tend to use this technique on my “money-making” sites more so than on this one however. I am constantly developing new sites and this technique is how I give them a shot in the arm so they get indexed right away in the search engines and this is also how I build up a ton of backlinks right away…I have about half a dozen other things I do but I’m saving those for either 1) another post or 2) never… :)

    Comment by J
    2007-07-11 00:05:34

    Any advice for a newbie? workout review

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by shawn
    2007-07-11 01:47:07

    Well I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for – if you’re serious about wanting advice then use the contact form (up top) and ask me specifics. I’m always happy to answer questions. (Rant: …unlike certain other BH bloggers and SEO guys who would ignore my emails when I was a total newbie wanting to learn. Sheesh. But I still consider myself a newbie in a lot of ways.)

    Comment by Hotel Guru
    2007-08-01 22:55:27

    I can’t seem to find the Comment Hut Lite version anywhere… It has me give an email address and then confirm via a link in the email, which I did, but then I only get a link to buy for $97… no link for the Lite version… Any suggestions? Maybe there is no longer free version??

    Great post by the way. I enjoy your site.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by shawn
    2007-08-01 23:20:53

    Once you confirm they send you ANOTHER email, and that email will send you a link to download. If this doesn’t work still, let me know and I’ll put it up here for download!

    Comment by Hotel Guru
    2007-08-02 15:34:58

    That worked, Shawn. Thanks! Seems like a pretty useful program – a good time saver.

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    Comment by andrew
    2007-08-07 10:22:56

    a really great software.thanks

    seo blog

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    Comment by Fedmich
    2008-01-09 18:17:05

    Makes commenting for WhiteBlack SEOs easier
    a very helpful software :)

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    Comment by Good Ideas
    2011-08-05 13:23:19

    It seems your free keyword tool is simple, but it really works.
    Thank you for your post and tool.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    2011-09-07 06:27:38

    It is really good software and the information is nice. I will use this it.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Gisele
    2011-09-26 02:55:05

    I am trying to buy the software Comment Hut but I can not make them send the purchase link to my inbox! What should I do?

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