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eBay Alternatives Part 2: Other Online Marketplaces Sellers Can Use

April 25th, 2007 by shawn · 1 Comment

If you’ve become fed up with eBay because of their fees, their policies, or their CEO then you might want to explore some of the other options out there. I’ve tried a few of these, and while there simply is no other site like eBay there are a few fairly good eBay alternatives available to an online seller.

etsy.com – This is a site for crafty people. The kind of crafty people who make sock monkeys – or other handmade items, art, crafts, DIY shirts, accessories, decorations, and other “stuff”. I successfully listed and sold a Johnny Cash t-shirt that I designed and screen printed and I’d say etsy is a great site for people with such things to sell.

Yahoo! Auctions – You thought this site was dead? Well, close but not quite. Everything that eBay has except fewer people use it.

iOffer – Pirated DVDs, wholesaler lists, $10,000 wholesale lots of iPods from some guy in China, a CD with 700+ SNES game ROMs…and a lot of other questionable items – but also the everyday types of things you might want to buy or sell. I can often find some more obscure items on iOffer when I’m looking to buy something out of the ordinary. When I searched all the sites in this post for the movie Ghost Dog, I only found it listed on iOffer and on eBay. Also, iOffer seems to be kinda slow and rough around the edges.

eCRATER – This is kind of an ecommerce store aggregator. eCRATER allows sellers to build their own stores on the eCRATER platform, but all stores are searchable from the eCRATER site. Looks promising, although I haven’t tried it out for myself. Everything’s free as well unless you want to do some “premium” listing features which cost.

ubid.com/bidville.com – General merchandise. Another eBay-ish site but supposedly they are 100% fraud free. Actually a pretty nice site with a lot of potential.

sell.com – General merchandise. No frill sbut looks like a healthy marketplace.

This is a sampling of some of the larger players in this realm of the web. Of course there are other places to sell things – Amazon.com is one that I have used successfully as well. It all depends on what you’re selling, but if you are trying to avoid using eBay you really need to utilize a few different sites at a time. At this moment there simply is no single site with the userbase that eBay possesses.

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