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Elite SEO Tools? We’ll See.

August 14th, 2007 by shawn · 6 Comments

“Elite Seo tools”. When you hear someone say something like that, you can usually count on there being a long ad for someone’s $97-a-month membership site that gives you access to some “tool”. And of course there’s usually “only 13 spots left!” so you need to act immediately or you’ll be a loser who misses out.

Are you tired of that kinda thing? I know I am. It seems like the SEO world is full of garbage these days. There are a few sites (and I mean only a few) that I find to be truly valuable, but most “SEO” stuff is designed to take advantage of newbies. Most “tools” are either overused and overpriced or they’re things you can do yourself with a script you install on your own server.

Just remember these words: when a tool is publicly released for mass use, it’s value will diminish exponentially with each new user. Yeah. In simpler words – tools that everyone is using become less valuable every day.

So what’s the solution? My favorite solution is to roll my own. If I want a script to do something, I write it. (Time, practice and PHP tutorials are your friend.) I have some killer scrapers and bots that I use on a daily basis almost. (Yes they are unlike any tool I’ve ever seen.) And guess what? You’ve not seen them either…because I’m not selling them. And they run on a server that’s not accessible from the outside. They do their work and that’s the way I like it.

The exciting thing is that there are dozens of tools like that. We don’t know what they are or what they do, because some guy wrote his own script to do something awesome and gain a competitive advantage and he wants to keep it that way.

But maybe you can’t program. Or, maybe you just want to use some good tools that someone else has made available to you. Are there any truly valuable tools like that? Tools that are still effective? Yes, there are.

If you don’t know about QUIT, it’s time you started reading son. Get some SEO book-learnin’ by going to BlueHatSeo.com and then take a look at the BEST free tool out there, which is QUIT. This is an excellent tool to get your site indexed within a few days. It works. And Eli has made it available for free. (Google Slam, huh Eli? Sounds mysterious…)

And Eli also has a pay tool called SQUIRT. It does what it says, which basically is a hulk version of QUIT from what I can tell. (Yeah it’s one of those $100 a month sites but it’s probably worth it for the Vault section alone.) Membership is limited.

Which brings me to another pay tool. It’s not out yet – but it looks promising. This is actually a suite of tools and it looks like Elite SEO Tools is a truly appropriate name. Why do I say this? Because Mark at Digerati has got some things I haven’t seen before. (I love it when people think outside the box…) And it looks like membership will be limited. (Hopefully to a reasonably small level.)

Would you like to have use of a tool that will automatically build you 100 links a month? Relevant links? To a specific page of your choosing? Yeah, I thought so. He calls it Link Buster.

So will the tools do all the things as promised? Will they be truly Elite? Looks like they will if the description is accurate.

I can’t wait to see.

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    2007-08-15 03:53:19

    I don’t think there are any shortcuts to seo success out there. It takes a lot of hard work and smart thinking to get to the top of google!

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-08-15 13:40:50

    No there aren’t – but there are ways to become more efficient and get a computer program to do work that would be impossible for a human to do.

    There are lots of ways PHP scripts can help with SEO. So it’s not so much “taking shortcuts” as it is being efficient.

    Comment by Dirk
    2007-08-19 14:16:43

    cool thing

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    Comment by robert
    2007-08-25 22:59:44

    Awesome tool! I just submitted my site and I’m anxious to see the results…

    I provide seo services, and this could add another tool to my arsenal.

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    Comment by robert
    2007-08-25 23:00:36

    not sure is my previous comment went or not…

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    Comment by Justin
    2007-10-01 16:47:53

    If you want to start out with a site that is already ranking try this new free tool I just released:
    Helps you find old + ranking + dmoz listed sites that have been abandoned by their owners. You can pick these sites up on the cheap. Just email the owner and make your offer. They are often happy to get rid of their unused site.

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