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Five Steps to Making $100 a Day Online

September 30th, 2007 by shawn · 7 Comments

You, like every other person with a computer and an empty wallet and a Tony Robbins audiobook, want to make your living from your home. You want the American dream, and you want it in the form of residual income on autopilot.

You want it in the form of at least $100 per day, so you can quit your job and have enough to live on. (Once you reach $100 per day, of course, it’s time to start getting rich. But first you need to get to $100 a day.)

So I’m going to tell you how to get there in five steps. (I had to compress 28 steps into five just so it makes a catchy title. But keep reading anyway.) These aren’t independent steps, and they aren’t all “in-order” and they’re not simple steps either. (But if you really want $100 a day you shouldn’t care. You hopefully will just do them and worry about how hard it is later after you’ve started earning $100 per day.)

  1. Read and listen. Input a lot of information. Get audiobooks, get ebooks, go to online forums, and read blogs about online marketing and affiliate marketing. But don’t just be a sponge; learn terminology and basic concepts and start the habit of throwing out the garbage info so you don’t waste time. Become adept at filtering information so that you don’t just become an ebook junkie who never actually tries the techniques they read about.
  2. Implement and experiment with ideas. When you learn a new way to make money, try it out. See if it works, and if it works keep doing it and improving it. If you try it and can see it doesn’t work and why it cannot work, drop it. (Again, don’t just quit things at the drop of a hat – but be wise.) My favorite ancient ninja proverb is “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.”
  3. Learn a scripting language. If you are going to be heavily involved in online marketing, you need to learn a scripting language (preferably PHP simply due to the amount of scripts written in this language). As you do steps one and two (above) the reasons and benefits for learning a scripting language will become evident.
  4. Make your first dollar in a day. Do this first, and new vistas of understanding and motivation will open up to you. When you make your first dollar online, the potential for making two, five, ten, fifty, and finally one hundred dollars will be obvious. If you can make $1 in one day, you can double or triple the causes that got you that dollar and likely multiply the effects – your earnings. Thus…
  5. Build something each day. If you run PPC campaigns in an attempt to sell a product, make a new one today. If you build websites using YACG in order to get AdSense clicks, make a new one today. If you rely on blogs to sell affiliate products, make a new blog (or blog post) today. Do something each and every day.

These five steps are the basis for making serious money online, especially as you grow within each step and make it part of a regular routine.

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    Comment by Logan
    2007-09-30 18:37:20

    Thanks for the good advice. I have been trying to start several things on the side. But it is hard to find the time and motivation whilst you are working full time. Gota get over that hill. Oh well I will keep trying regardless.


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    Comment by Santiago Matamoros
    2007-09-30 20:27:07

    Hey, I made $5.00 in six months! Oh well.. gotta start somewhere…

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    2007-09-30 20:28:28

    I think the secret is to try a whole bunch of things. The problem is that it takes a whole bunch of time and energy!

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    Comment by Anna
    2007-10-17 16:23:04

    So true! If you really like doing it the time and energy don’t seem to matter as much, but if no progress is made, it can feel like a total waste of time.

    Comment by dsiew
    2007-10-01 05:28:03

    It takes work to formulate what are the processes that work for you. I believe its the consistency of refining and forming a system to keep up before the $1s grow fast enough to keep us happy :)

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    Comment by DeMerchant
    2007-10-02 15:03:09

    I like point #4… gotta make one $ before you can make 1000000

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    Comment by gables estates
    2011-09-30 10:23:43

    It may be unbelievable but since there are many users posting testimonies about how they make so much money, making a three figure a day may very well be true. There are many ways through which people earn money working on the internet but there are scams as well so we need to watch out for those sites too.

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