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How to Get Better Clients

July 5th, 2009 by shawn · No Comments

There’s a great deal of information on how to get more clients. This info is aimed at businesses and consultants who need more money, which means they need more business, which means they need to secure more clients…which means they need to sell more.

After all, when you look in the business section of your local Barnes & Noble and see how many books (basically) address this concern, it has to be the “main thing”, right? Right?

Not necessarily. I would have you take a look at the problem from a slightly different angle and consider another way to approach the problem.

First, ask yourself the question:  “Am I charging enough for my services?”

Yes, you read that correctly. The problem may be with the class of clients you’re currently getting – and by charging more you will definitely be abandoning them, but the “positive” is that you’ll be classifying your business as one that serves a higher class of client.

I have to quote a commenter on a blog a read.

I asked a friend once, “how do you get those huge contracts?”. His response: “charge a lot”.

His point, obviously, is that when he charged more than the next provider he appeared to me a better provider.

The principle of “perceived value” isn’t a made-up fairy tale – it’s quite real and can have definite effects on your level of business and type of clientele.

So, in short, the answer to your problem of “not enough” may have more to do with quality than with quantity. And as risky as it may seem, sometimes raising your prices may be the answer.

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