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How to Make Money Online According to Charlie Chan

August 1st, 2007 by shawn · 8 Comments

Whenever I don’t know what to do, I look at my bracelet. It’s one of those yellow rubber bracelets that has the letters WWCCD. You know, What Would Charlie Chan Do?

Charlie Chan Totally Rules. Word.

You might not have a WWCCD bracelet. And you probably don’t have knowledge of Charlie Chan’s wisdom like I do. But you probably have a business or cash flow problem right now and you need some help! So I’m gonna help you out and give you some of Charlie’s advice based on some of the things he’s said over the course of various awesome Charlie Chan movies.

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“Ancient ancestor once say, ‘Words cannot cook rice.’”

Charlie would rather have you get to work instead of all the talking about making money. Words don’t accomplish anything unless they’re followed by concrete action. You know what I’m talkin’ about? Well I know what I’m talking about: it’s easy for me to spend hours reading forums and learning what people think about affiliate marketing or creating websites or ranking in the search engines. And usually, all the time I spend would’ve better been spent actually doing something – no matter how small. For instance, I have probably a dozen domain names just parked and not even earning anything. It probably would take me less than two hours to throw up a website and modify a theme and design nice banner. And that site could at the very least start earning some PPC money. So, words cannot cook rice and surfing the web cannot earn you money.

“Anxious man hurries too fast – often stubs big toe.”

What Charlie is saying here (applied to making money online) is simple: have a basic plan before rushing into any type of venture. Not only should you have a plan, but you should think three steps down the road before making your initial move. Example? Maybe you see the perfect online business for sale on eBay. The ad even says you have the potential to make $4,000 per month and it just so happens you could use $4,000 per month! The online business is a “custom-made” website drop-shipping lingerie, and it comes with the domain name sexy-lingerie-biz-4-u.info!! What’s even cooler is the first month of hosting is already paid for but if you need to continue hosting the seller will let ya just keep it on the existing server for $9.99 per month.

Okay, if you haven’t seen this before I will just tell you plainly: do not buy these types of sites. You will end up paying $100 and not making a penny. I promise you. Even if you believe in the Secret (what a scam the Secret is – but that’s for another post). Even if you pay a website submission service to submit your site to 2000 search engines. You will just end up losing money. But you know who makes money? The guy selling the site. And he sells to people who are anxious to make a million bucks but have no idea how to really make money online. So educate yourself, don’t rush, and listen to Charlie Chan.

“Cat who tries to catch two mice at one time, goes without supper.”

You just can’t do too much at one time and expect success. Maybe you’re running too many businesses (online or otherwise) and you’ve got your hands full. Maybe you want to make some cash with your websites but you have too many – so you neglect them. I’ve been there – and I learned that you’ve got to do a quality job on your sites or you won’t make much money. I also believe it’s better to have only three awesome websites than to have thirty crappy websites. Does this mean I’m against auto-generated websites using tools like YACG or RSSGM, etc.? No way I use YACG myself and think it’s awesome. But guess what? I spend hours before deploying a YACG site because I want it to look good and have staying power. But I think any experienced internet marketer will tell you you have to be able to focus on one task at a time and do it right and move on to the next task – you simply cannot do a bunch of things at once or nothing will get done right. (BTW a good YACG-specific Chanism is this: “Faces may alter, but fingerprint never lie.” Always thoroughly alter your YACG installs and customize your templates.)

“Confucius has said, ‘A wise man question himself, a fool others.’”

There’s nothing wrong with looking at how others run their business and learning from what they’ve done. But be sure that you apply equal if not greater criticism to your own work. Only when you honestly examine how you do your job can you improve your own results.

Finally, we can end with this: Long journey always start with one short step. You have to start somewhere if you want to make money online. Figure out what you can do tomorrow, and take that one step. Do it. And go from there. You might only make $2 your first month. The next month you might make $20. But if you keep it up you can one day make some actual money and you’ll be glad you started with the one short step.

Charlie Chan rules.

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    Comment by Chamonix
    2007-08-02 14:14:53

    And with fourteen children to feed Charlie Chan would certainly have the right motivation to make money on line.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-08-02 14:34:14

    haha…Yeah I guess he would.

    Comment by russ
    2007-08-02 18:41:48

    Hmm, could you possibly install one of those WP plugins that translate abbreviations? I like ubernyms


    Or just tell me what YACG or RSSGM are?

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by shawn
    2007-08-02 18:54:51

    Whoa! That’s a cool plugin. I haven’t installed it yet but just read about it…thanks for informing me. As far as YACG and RSSGM these are automatic website builders basically which can be used to create a website in seconds using a keyword list. There are quite a few of these types of programs in existence but these are probably the two most well-known. Do a Google search and you can find more…They are used when you have a bunch of domains and want to instantly make a bunch of sites, usually for the purpose of getting AdSense clicks and earning some cash.

    Comment by AruntheACE
    2007-08-07 22:29:57

    Thanks for the plugin Russ..

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    Comment by DaGrip
    2008-01-24 04:40:24

    You can do a lot more with YACG than just making a few Adsense $s – there’s much more money to be made from affiliate sales or from using the sites to funnel traffic to your own sales pages or to gather email opt-ins.

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    2011-08-31 15:02:45

    Hello. Very cool website!! Man .. Excellent .. Superb .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally…I’m glad to locate a lot of useful info right here in the article. Thanks for sharing..

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    2011-09-02 05:46:57

    Words of wisdom from a very wise man. We ourselves should be our biggest critic, don’t settle for average and go for greatness. Sometimes we literally spend too much time looking at other people’s error and not see our own, it is time consuming and pretty useless.

    Focus might be the toughest part in all of these tips since we as humans tend to lose focus about 16 times in a minute, according to research. Too many distractions nowadays that satisfies us little which uses a lot of time, time that could have been spent on more important things.

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