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How to Rip-Off the Credit Card & Oil Companies

May 17th, 2007 by shawn · 8 Comments

The two entities I hate most are credit card companies and the gasoline/oil companies. (I’m not a big IRS fan either, actually. So let’s make it three things.) I don’t enjoy giving so much of my money to any of the above – they take too much and always want more.

Not only is their legalized theft relentless, but they are often very underhanded in the way they steal our hard-earned money. (Relentless + underhanded= “they are bloodsuckers.”) I look at the oil companies as bullies, and the credit card companies like thieves. My philosophy is if you have the chance to take advantage of them, squeeze everything you can out of them. It’s only smart to hold on to as many of your dollars for as long as you can.

So let me tell you how. It’s not going to make them hurt financially, but it will save you about 10% of your gasoline costs.

or, How to Rip Off Credit Card & Oil Companies at the Same Time

  1. Get a credit card that gives a rebate on gas purchases. You can find a handful of credit cards that offer 5% back on gas purchases and have 0% interest for 6- or 12- months. Some examples are the Discover Open Road card, the Gas Rewards Platinum Edition Visa, the Chase BP Visa Rewards Card, and the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard.
  2. Purchase a gift card at the gas station. Many gas stations offer these. In my area, Holiday Stations sell a card that offer a 4% discount on the face value. So if I purchase a $100 gift card, they only charge me $96.00.
  3. Use the gas rebate credit card to purchase the prepaid fuel card.
  4. Be on the lookout for gas coupons. Where I live, our grocery store is Cub Foods and when I make a purchase I receive a barcoded coupon on my receipt for $0.03 off per gallon. (The grocery stores in your area may have a similar setup – since this will differ based on where you live, you may or may not be successful in finding gas coupons.)
  5. When you fill up, pay with your gift card and use the coupons.

By doing this, you can save about 10% on your gas. On a fill-up that would normally cost $31.90 (10 gallons at the current price of $3.19 per gallon), it will end up costing $28.73 after all the above discounts. With gas prices at record highs, saving any amount of money is worth the effort – but this requires very little effort at all!

You save the money, and then you pay the credit card bill. Okay? Pay it on time and in full. If you don’t pay the bill in full, you may end up paying interest and then the bastards win.

So, screw ‘em. After all, they exist to screw you. The next time you go to the gas station, I hope you’re able to save at least some money because of these tips. If you have any additional tips or improvements on my advice, please let me know what you know.

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    Comment by cameron
    2007-05-18 01:30:09

    i hate all the offers credit card companies mail out. Heres something funny, take the return envelop they give you and put random things in it and mail it back to them

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    Comment by jennifer
    2007-05-25 02:08:51

    Always love your blog, keep em comin sweetie.

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    2007-06-06 23:33:51

    [...] entries you’ll see that a few of them are actually great posts with original info (like the gas card post) but no one commented. Other posts I would consider not as good but maybe they were more [...]

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    Comment by Mike
    2007-06-28 16:34:22

    Nice tip! Here is a way to take it one step further: Own stock in oil and credit card companies. When they cheat those unsuspecting goofs, you win! Keep driving those SUV’s, you are helping me pay for my kid’s college!

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    Comment by K
    2007-07-06 19:43:24

    The problem with the gift card: if you lose it you’re out potentially a lot of bucks. Plus Holiday now only offers $1 off on a $50 gift card (2%) not much saving for the added risk and hassle. Does anyone know of a good cash back card for gas stations, specifically Holiday?

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    Comment by j hall
    2008-08-22 17:49:32

    You can find some good gas cards as well as cards for bad credit here:

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    Comment by Motorized Biker
    2008-11-02 05:26:32

    Not only is their legalized theft relentless, but they are often very underhanded in the way they steal our hard-earned money

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    2008-11-02 17:38:28

    FYI…Shell cards take off 5%. Of course, with gas under two bucks…it’s not quite the discount, but still worthwhile.

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