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How to Work for Yourself with (Almost) No Risk

November 17th, 2011 by shawn · 3 Comments

If you read a blog, article, or flashing banner ad that promises you a job making a thousand dollars a day with no risk, forget it. Come on, you take a risk every time you pull out of your driveway—how are you supposed to change jobs on the promise of thousands without some risk?

I’m not promising you a thousand dollars a day. But I do promise that there’s a way to make money from your home without pouring your entire life savings into bone density scanners.

Learn What “Marketing” Means

The first step is to learn how to market yourself. No one understands value until you teach them what that value is. “I need work because we need groceries this week” has two problems with it: “I” and “we.” The first rule of marketing is to learn to think in second person: “You need this service, because your life will become infinitely easier with it. You can do such and such, and this is how. For something that amazing, it will only cost you $X.”

Repeat Customers and Word of Mouth

The second step is so important, I might even consider it step #1 ½: Start small. That’s right, take it easy. Whether you’re going the acai berry route, writing code for websites, or building furniture, don’t go all out by quitting your job right out of the gate.

Get a couple of customers or clients, and give them the most amazing work you have ever performed. Give them more than what they paid for. Don’t hold back on them—you may even lose money or spend far more time that you normally would, but it is worth it. They will hire you again, and they will tell their friends. Repeat customers are a steady stream of revenue, and word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing available. (This is about the time you should consider social media.)

Do Your Research

It’s very exciting to pull in several hundred to even several thousand dollars a month on the side; but it’s not time to quit just yet. Research the demand in your area. Start running numbers. If you were to go full time, would you need to hire more help? Do you have trade secrets that you would have to be careful with? Can you continue working from home, or would you need to buy a brick-and-mortar? What is the overhead that you have to consider?

The question that I did not answer when I first started was taxes—untaxed income is absolutely wonderful . . . right up until April of next year.

Go for It

You can ask the questions to convince yourself right out of the entire deal. But I dare you to take a risk, make an informed decision, and do a job where you hire yourself. If you ever decide that you’re done and want to go back to a 9 – 5 behind a desk, consider the amazing experience you’ve had: marketing director, quality assurance specialist, vice president of sales, chief executive officer, human resources, and chief financial officer.

Who knew that an acai berry could become so fulfilling?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Author. Guru. Content manager. Aficionado. Nerd. Freelance writer. Call him what you will, Jared Heath has a few very important passions: his wife, his writing, and his marketing. Take it from a guy who has been there—taking the risk is often worth it.

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    Comment by Paul Anthony
    2011-11-23 06:25:19

    No risk opportunity is too good to be true. A lot of gurus are claiming that they can do that, writing it as an e-book and hooking the newbies for some buck. This is why I never trust any offers from emails. It took me 2 years to really earn money online that is why I’ve learned my lesson.

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    Comment by Hilywatson
    2011-12-01 08:02:48

    Excellent post. I am agreed with all 4 points as they are highly effective especially 2 one i.e Repeat customer and Word of Mouth as I have applied this many times and it really works.

    Thanks a lot for this important sharing.

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    Comment by safes for sale
    2011-12-15 02:48:59

    You can’t make money in just one minute unless you already established your business. You have to have time to build your reputation before you can gain something from it.

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