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Is 2008 Your Year for Making Money?

January 4th, 2008 by shawn · 26 Comments

To a certain degree, we are all subject to fate from the time we’re born. The Bible says a leopard can’t change it’s spots – which means there are some things that are just meant to be and no matter what they will happen. But the good Book also says a lot of things about money, about wisdom, and about hard work. Specifically, it speaks favorably about them.

Now, I look for wisdom wherever it presents itself. I listen to good advice whenever it’s given to me. And one thing I keep hearing (and I see demonstrated) over and over is that if you strive for something, you can get it.

So while there are certain things in your life that are unchangeable, there are probably MORE things that you CAN change. You can achieve far more than you might imagine, but to do so you need to expand your mind and remove the limits you’ve placed on yourself. You need to imagine new possibilities for yourself and you must maintain within yourself an attitude of strength and victory.

The people who “make it” aren’t the ones who got lucky. They’re not the ones who had their dream job handed to them out of the blue. They usually aren’t people who were privileged from birth.

The 1% of the richest people in your town aren’t the top 1% smartest people in your town – I promise.

Successful people usually are people who simply saw what they wanted, and seized it. They liked what they imagined and decided to make it happen. They dreamed about something and it never occurred to them that it couldn’t be real.

Do you want to be a success in 2008?  Sure you do. And I have good news: there’s nothing stopping you.

What I love about the internet are the limitless opportunities that present themselves to me each week – enough opportunities to make me a millionaire if do things right. And we all can do it – at least, we all have the capabilities to do it. What an amazing thing.

I don’t know what my fate is for this year. But I don’t care: I can’t know my fate. All I can know for SURE are the possibilities that my life holds. So I plan on striving for my goals during this next year and doing better than I did in 2007.

For you, I wish the same: that you are more successful than you were last year, and that you focus on the possibilities open to you. If you look forward to what you can achieve and determine to be a success at it, nothing can stop you.

Here’s to 2008, and here’s to all of us making more money!

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    Comment by Lost Forum
    2008-01-06 04:57:15

    nice blog, very inspiring. thanks for encouraging your readers. wish u all the success for 2008 and beyond. have a great weekend:)

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    Comment by shawn
    2008-01-07 02:38:42


    Comment by Peter Jones
    2008-01-08 13:24:42

    Hi Shawn,
    Your site is looking really good and its always nice when someone tries to motivate fellow tycoons. Keep up the good work and good luck for 2008!

    Comment by jcsickz
    2008-01-07 01:53:27

    amen to that! I’m hoping to break records this year as well.

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    Comment by shawn
    2008-01-07 02:38:22

    I wish you luck and hope to hear good things from you…

    Comment by LS
    2008-01-10 04:45:34

    No, success isn’t handed to people. But to achieve success you need to take some risks. If you are a hard worker but not a risk taker then you might just have to wait for lady luck.

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    2008-01-11 22:03:51

    Hi, nice blog! It takes time to achieve success online, sad that so many don´t realize that.

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    Comment by Online Money
    2008-01-12 10:09:55

    Hi, You have a nice blog and thanks for that nice motivational post you wrote. All the best to your blog and good luck. I hope 2008 will bring lot of success.

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    Comment by 529
    2008-01-15 16:37:36

    Keep feeding us some of those “limitless opportunities that present themselves to me each week” and maybe we’ll all get rich.

    I’m not sure I would say smarts is the only key. I would say hard work, luck, and smarts are all components. Sometimes you just need one of those things but often it takes a combination to create your wealth.

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    Comment by Stevia Addict
    2008-01-20 10:35:03

    I agree that you dont have to be the smartest kid on the block to make money online but the ability to develop a well laid out plan of action and some knowledge to get your sites trafficked is most definitely needed. It’s great to see others out there though, offering their help and support to others. Keep up the good work.

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    Comment by Tim
    2008-01-23 04:40:04

    I don’t need to make more money. My goal is to make the same amount of money, but work less to get it.

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    Comment by Nintendo Wii
    2008-01-24 10:04:41

    Right .. I need to make a lot of money. But, I prefer making money online. By that way i can continue my study more effectively. :)

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    Comment by scott
    2008-01-25 11:43:19

    Gr8 very nice post !! Its good keep going

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    Comment by Knotter
    2008-02-08 18:51:28

    I sure hope this is the year for me to make more money.

    I’m trying new things.

    Hopefully they pan out.

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    Comment by Sarah
    2008-02-23 02:07:41

    The 1% you are talking about are the people that take action. How many people come up with a cool idea and how many of those people actually bring the idea into reality. Probably about 1% those are the ones that become wealthy.

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    Comment by Free Online Recipes
    2008-02-27 01:19:52

    hey, I sure hope its my year to make money. Great post and way to get us motivated! Best of luck with everything.

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    Comment by Chris
    2008-03-02 00:12:38

    Great post. I hope this is my year to shine and to get wealthy–or at least make headway on that path. Currently, I’m trying to get a few internet businesses going. It’s been fun and hard at the same time. Learning a lot.

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    Comment by Living Infinitely
    2008-03-02 00:14:01

    Great Post. I intent to make a boat load of money in 2008! I will continue to visit!

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    2008-03-03 14:12:08

    The trick is to find that niche that no many know about and capitalize on that. High Demand/Low Supply is the key. Find a niche within a niche is how I made some nice money last month.

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    2008-03-17 18:58:23

    I like your attitude. Your absolutely right if you want it you have to go get it. Nobody said making money online would be easy and its definately not the lottery

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    Comment by Work at Home World
    2008-03-30 01:01:38

    Very good post! Quite inspirational. I, for one, believe that we all hold our success in our own hands. Sure there are some things each of us have that out of our control to make it harder but that just means we have to work even harder to overcome them. Everyone can make money online! Here’s to the success of all!

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    Comment by Jon Muranko
    2008-03-30 06:18:32

    If the person is working hard in what ever field he is then he is bound to be successful no matter what ever the year is.

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    2008-04-11 20:33:51

    great blog… seems to have a lot of interesting info… your words of wisdom are helping people out there. keep up the good work and keep posting!

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    Comment by Bob Liddle
    2008-04-19 22:31:39

    Well last year was worst for me I had huge loss in my business and I just couldnt recover till now.Lets see if I can earn some good buck atleast this year.

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    Comment by Luis Narvaez
    2008-05-04 09:25:36

    Nice inspiring words Shawn, making money this days in general has become very difficult for most people including me thats why I started in the whole money online thing to see if it actually helps me a little but even if I don’t earn a lot it has been fun and I have met really fantastic people online and stumbled onto really nice sites including this one.

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    2008-08-08 08:13:51

    I hope it is my year for making money – I’m gonna work hard for it

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