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John Chow’s Blog – A Great Resource for Online Entrepreneurs

May 5th, 2007 by shawn · 7 Comments

If you’re here, you’re here because you want to make money for yourself – as a business owner, a freelancer, or maybe even as a blogger. (Unless you’re just here because of my immensely popular TurboGrafx-16 post. Gee, thanks LinkSwarm and digg…for all the traffic. From mostly non-entrepreneurial video game fans.)

Now we certainly try to write articles that an entrepreneur would benefit from, and if you’re a regular reader then you know that we average one good original post per day. I don’t often simply regurgitate a link to another site or tell you the same exact thing that someone else already said – that would be lame.

So instead of me doing that, I am going to tell you about a site full of great articles that I recommend you read. If you haven’t checked out the link to JohnChow.com already, and you want to know how to make money online, it is a great resource.

Is he knowledgeable? Yes. Does he have interesting insights? Yes. Is he cocky? Sure. Regardless of that…is his blog worth reading? Absolutely.

Why do I say that? Because he’s a creative marketer, he’s a decent writer, and he is good at conveying relevant knowledge when the subject is making money online. One example of his creativity with online marketing is his current “Make Money Online Review” promotion: if you have a blog, and post a review of his blog, he will link to your site. Tell me a better way to get a link from a PR6 site. (Really, if you know…tell me!)

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    Comment by Court
    2007-05-11 19:50:05

    I totally agree with you on this one, John is a rock star and I have checked his blog everyday for over 4 months. I’m a total addict.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-05-12 03:36:43

    Yeah, some people are just cool like that. Speaking of which, I’ve decided that your blog is pretty cool as well – you’ve given me some ideas that I’ve already begun to implement. Thanks Court!

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    2007-05-14 23:50:26

    [...] DIY Dollars [...]

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    Comment by Big Daddy Don
    2007-05-15 01:34:10

    Hey, darn cool WP Theme you got yer self here!

    Not to shabby on the writing either, especially ’bout that John Chow feller!


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    Comment by Piggy
    2007-05-15 04:46:12


    I noticed you participated in JohnChow.com’s MakeMoneyOnline reviews! I’m running a contest at my blog for $50 that was inspired by JC and thought you might be interested. check it out here:




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    Comment by Selaplana
    2007-05-15 10:09:55


    I have similar program with that of JOhn Chow in my blog. The only difference is that I am giving away links and $100-worth of review to those blogs who will participate my program.

    If you are interested, please write a review, post it in your blog and email me immediately about it.


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    Comment by Alan Liew
    2007-05-24 09:37:12

    John Chow has written a lot information related to make money online in his blog. But recently there are getting more sponsor posts and unrelated posts published in his blog. I hope he can reduce these kind of posts as readers don’t like to write these kinds of posts.

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