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Make Money Online – What No One Will Tell You

October 5th, 2007 by shawn · 7 Comments

“Make Money Online! Buy My Exclusive Ebook! Only 997 Copies Left Before the Price Goes Up!”

Yeah, we’ve all seen the lame sales pages promising a way for you to make money online auto-magically. They all have the same characteristics: a long long long bunch of words paragraphs sentences more words lotsa sentences blah blah blah testimonials until FINALLY at the very bottom of the page you find the price. And the sales page usually doesn’t tell you much about the product itself. It’s all hat and no cowboy.

Many times, these sales pitches try to get you to buy the product by displaying something like this: $900 $199.99 for 24 Hours

Or sometimes you’ll see: “Only 2 spots left!! Buy now before the doors close forever!”

And of course like a sheep, seventeen people follow and buy those coveted “last” spots.

Also, a lot of these programs/ebooks do something really evil: they say it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and tell you you have to work hard to get it to work. What’s so evil about that? The fact that they only say that…yet they are selling you a scheme to get rich quick and they paint a picture of you sitting at home doing nothing and watching the money come rolling in.

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The truth is, it never ever works that way. What no one will tell you is that it really IS hard work, and you really DO have a lot to learn, and you WILL NOT see those checks for months or a year or even a couple of years. You CAN attain the vision you have, but don’t expect it anytime soon – and don’t expect the expensive ebook or “exclusive” online community to be the answer to your poverty problems.

What IS the answer? While I’m not totally sure about this, here’s what I believe the answer to be…it looks something like this:

Hard Work + Patience + Ingenuity + Money + Replication = Profits

For those of you who DO make money online, tell me – does that equation look fairly accurate? Have you worked hard to get where you’re at? Did you need to have patience before you finally reached your money-making goals? Was ingenuity required of you, or can any ol’ lame-brain do what you did? Does it really take money to make money (i.e. is a dedicated server really necessary, is professional software really necessary, are custom-made scripts really necessary, etc.)?? Do you need to replicate your successful projects over and over again before you see real earnings?

I’d really like some opinions on this. My opinion is that the ebook “gurus” never paint the whole picture and they like to appear to be truthful but hold back the hard truths.

The hard truth is that while success is real and it is possible, it isn’t easy and it isn’t something you’re likely to achieve within a short time period. Should you quit?

No way.

What you should do is be smart, be ready, and stay in it for the long haul.

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    Comment by russ
    2007-10-07 17:34:37

    I just want to know from an authoritative source that it’s possible. :) And by “authoritative” I mean “believable.”

    I’ve paid for a couple of those ebooks/things. I don’t believe, however, that they’re telling me the real story; it’s like someone making money by selling a book on how to make money. :) Kind of recursive.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-10-08 01:33:53

    Hang out on a few forums that have some of the “better” info (i.e. Syndk8, WickedFire) and you’ll see that there’s far more free GOOD info than there is for-sale good info.

    Comment by Man O' Mystery
    2007-10-16 04:32:22

    When I saw your first paragraph, I thought of the “Rich Jerk” ebook I paid for that I thought would make me rich too… but I did not earn enough from the ebook to pay for the ebook. Lesson learned.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-10-16 13:33:34

    You’re not alone. I mean, you’re not alone as far as having bought the ebook. But as far as learning your lesson – congratulations, you are one of the minority who learned from the experience. There are many people out there who keep paying for gimmicks and never “move on”.

    Listen to Man O’Mystery and Don’t be an e-book addict, kids!!

    Comment by takeoffzone
    2007-12-11 22:59:28

    I agree. 99.9% of ebooks next to useless, the vast majority are nothing more than garbage. There isn’t any secret about to earn income from an online business or anywhere for that matter, only lack of knowledge (which is widely available online for free) or details about how to do it.

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    Comment by The OI Project
    2007-12-27 18:20:30

    It’s like buying a book about making easy $$$ in the stock market. Usually the author isn’t making $$$ in the market…he’s making it off the book!

    Shawn – Really have enjoyed your posts and the site! Keep up the great work.

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    Comment by Jennifer
    2008-05-10 02:11:59

    YOur right. This is my 2nd month. And so far I made 243 dollars. I did not put money in it at all. But time! Hours and hours and hours. FOr nights in a row. It’s hard work man. And it takes patients.

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