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Part 3: More SEO Warfare Tricks and Techniques

June 30th, 2007 by shawn · 7 Comments

You’ve hopefully read the following posts already:

If you’ve read those two posts, then here’s part three. (If you haven’t read those posts, go back and read ‘em. We’re waiting for you.)

Okay. We’re all on the same page now? Good. Like I was saying last time, we’re going to talk about how to get more backlinks. But before that, let’s do a little more onsite optimization. I’m thinking about onsite SEO right now because of an experience I recently had with someone who will remain anonymous, let’s call him Ronly Bonly Jones.

R.B. has a website that he wanted me to get indexed in the search engines. I took a look at the site, and noticed a few problems, mainly

  • the main keywords are not prominent within the text on his site’s pages
  • his site’s most important keyword was only mentioned a couple of times
  • there actually was very little original text content; most of the site consisted of images, AuctionAds, and AdSense ads
  • he had absolutely no optimization in regards to his tags or title
  • he had zero links to his site
  • he is trying to rank for an extremely competitive set of keywords

So yeah he’s basically gonna go nowhere with this site unless a miracle happens but I went ahead and did what I could as far as onsite SEO is concerned. Here’s what I did (yeah this is the checklist for you to follow on your site):

  1. Add a bunch of pages of content in the form of topical informational articles. I sorta swiped a bunch of it from other places and then rewrote some things and it was new content. Use your imagination – there is tons of content out there.
  2. Decide on what the prominent keywords are and use them throughout the site. I peppered his keywords throughout all the articles. Some people say 5-7% is a good percentage of keywords to have within your site text. I don’t measure it – I just make sure they occur a few times.
  3. Have keywords within the important tags. The main keyword appears within an H1 tag. All the keywords appear at least once on each page in bold. I also try to have each keyword somewhere in italics, and if I can do it I try to have them occur in a bulleted list.
  4. Use every opportunity to insert keywords. I use the alt tag on every single image on a page, each time inserting one of the keywords. I also use the lesser-known title tag on every single a link and do the same thing. If you let those slide, you wasted an opportunity.
  5. Make sure your page title is optimized. Which one is better? Is it “DIY Dollars – Make Money Without a Job” or is it “Make Money Without a Job – DIY Dollars”? I’ll tell you – if I’m trying to rank for the phrase “make money without a job” then it should come first in my title. But you’ve heard this before…
  6. Have the stuff Google seems to like. I want Googlebot to like what it “sees”. Google can’t read, but that doesn’t mean it can’t find patterns – the people who develop Google algos (who can read) know what a legitimate site should have. Examples: Contact page, Privacy Policy, Terms, etc.

Okay, so have fun with that. But you want to know some techniques of getting backlinks, dontcha? Okay but hold on a second. Here’s some more SEO and research stuff you might like…

How to Find Out Other People’s Site Stats

Search for the following on Google: “site:statcounter.com summary”. You’ll get a whole bunch of results (like 59,000). Click on one. You know what you’re looking at? People’s website statistics. Yeah.

Hmmm. So, what could we do with this information? Let’s check one out. How about the MIT Advertising Lab? It’s a cool blog (I could get lost in there) and we get to see who goes there, and the most popular pages (you shouldn’t be too surprised to see what the second most popular page is).

But my favorite thing to check out is “Keyword Analysis” and “Recent Keyword Activity”. It tells me not only what was searched for, but since I can go see their page(s) I can easily see what I need to do if I want to outrank them. It’s good to see what people are searching for, and where they end up, and this can give you tons of ideas for targeting niches you may not have ever thought of.

Okay, I think I’ve given you enough here. Go and do awesome things with it.

How to Hide Optimization Info With An SEO Trick

This is a CSS trick for adding a logo to your website, and at the same time putting in that H1 tag I mentioned earlier…

Code: < h1 id=”logo”>Your keyword phrase or whatever goes here< / h1>

CSS Code:
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
background-image: url(“your-logo.gif”);
text-indent: -10000px;

Google will see the header text, but your users will only see your logo. Yay.

How to Get More Backlinks: Secrets and Lesser-Known Methods

You want to know how to get those backlinks, right? Well there are like 1000 blog posts that tell you how to ask real nice and maybe other bloggers will put you on their blogroll or exchange links and blah blah blah. It’s all true, don’t get me wrong – but you can only do so much of that and get no a lot of results. Pretty soon you’ll be thirsting for more, if you want your blog or website to rank for anything. So here’s MY “alternative” ways-of-getting-backlinks list.

  1. Blog comment links. You say, you knew that? But what you didn’t know was that there’s an easy way to do it (remember, always get a computer to do yoru work for you), it’s faster than aimlessly finding blogs and looking for posts to comment on, and it finds blogs by PageRank if you tell it to. This is what I use, and this is how I get more quality links than anything.
  2. Free websites. I’m not gonna give away too many secrets here, but I will tell you this – there are a LOT of places you can make a free page or a free blog that will allow you to then link to your “real” site. Any Republicans here? No? Well it doesn’t matter if you’re a commie – you might want to get your very own GOP website like me. Or maybe you want Amazon.com to provide a backlink to your site – just start an aStore like I did. See the link to DIY Dollars? If you look around, you can find a lot more like this…think how cool it would be to make these sites automatically…hmmm.
  3. Social bookmarking sites. Getting dugg was a good thing for me when this blog first started – it brought a lot of traffic and ranked me number 3 on Google (for a week) for the term “TurboGrafx-16“. Big deal right? Actually the best sites for me (long-term) have been StumbleUpon and Reddit. I cannot stress enough the importance of these types of sites in not only creating backlinks for you, but getting quality traffic to your site. I still get visitors to posts I wrote back in April on a regular basis – and lots of those visitors come from digg’s links to my site.
  4. Article directories. I thought about making this #1 but this is a bit more difficult so I put it down here. Value-wise, it might hold the most weight however – if done correctly. Now, most people don’t utilize article directories for two reasons: they have to write a good article, and they have to submit the article. Both of those steps take a lot of time. (The submission process alone is what kills you though.) That all said, you have a much higher likelihood of getting a high rank for your topic or keyword phrase if you have submitted an article full of relevant information regarding your topic to a bunch of sites, and those sites then point to your website. (Whew.) The cool thing about article directories is there are a bunch of ‘em, they matter to Google, and they will ALLOW you to post content with LINKS!!! So what do I do? I write an article every so often and submit the same exact article to 100 directories using a special software program. And guess what? I outdo my competition easily, because they ain’t doing it. (And no, I won’t tell you my niche or sites just so you can outdo me.) Anyway, this is the software.
  5. My other sites. You may not have other sites, but if you do have other websites you should consider placing a small link on your other sites to your other sites. The best use of this is the third-party sitemap concept I wrote about in the Don’t Waste Backlinks post. Interlink all your sites, and put them in your 3rd-party sitemap like the other referrer links.

Okay, well it’s that time of the night when all good people are in bed. So I’m gonna go out now…

To Be Continued.

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    Comment by OUCH
    2007-06-30 09:45:08

    I don’t like the hiding thing… Hate when ppl do thing only for SE…

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Shawn
    2007-06-30 19:52:43

    Why do you hate that? It doesn’t affect your visitors in any way – but it gives the search engine one more thing to like about your site. I could understand if you had an objection to something that “harmed” a visitor, but this is a completely harmless technique.

    2007-07-06 02:29:01

    [...] with emails (well, two actually) asking me about the program Comment Hut that I talked about in this post about SEO Warfare and how to get more backlinks. I realized that I should explain in slightly more [...]

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    Comment by kevin
    2007-07-07 16:25:15

    Wow there are some really helpful tips here, I never have submitted articles, which is something I need to start looking into.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Rosie
    2007-07-07 20:18:54

    Yeah man look into it. Also you might try being a guest blogger on sites that would dare to post an article you’ve written. (Like here.)

    2011-09-03 01:27:04

    Hiding the optimization info with a trick is genius. Would love to hear more about how you do that. Also linking your websites together is a great idea, because one good reputation on one could lead more good reputation to the others, therefore more traffic to all of them. Thanks for sharing your tricks in SEO. Been a great help.

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