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PayPerPost – Another Income Stream

October 28th, 2007 by shawn · 1 Comment

I signed up for PayPerPost months ago, but never did anything with it. The reason? They place importance on PageRank, and until just a few days ago only one of my sites had any PR. Apparently however Google likes me, because now this blog is a PR4, and my other sites range from a PR1 to a few PR2s and there’s a PR5 in there as well. So I’ve got a nice network of blogs/sites that I can hopefully utilize in other ways.

So I will revisit two income streams I have not really pursued previously, beginning with PayPerPost. What is it? It’s a site that matches site owners with paid offers. The offers are about a variety of subjects, products, and services. If I (as the site owner) write a post about one of the offers (and meet the requirements of the advertiser for the post),I will be paid a sum of money.

Many of the offers don’t pay much – the $5 range – but some offers are $20 or more per post. So, that’s not a waste of my time anymore. The thing is, in order to be eligible for those “better” offers, your site needs to have some level of PageRank – so that’s why I haven’t really thought much about PayPerPost until now.

But I will be making some PayPerPost blog entries (on my other blogs) and see how it goes. If it turns into a good income opportunity I will report back…

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    1 Comment

    Comment by shawn
    2007-11-02 15:36:52

    PPP is just a way to make some dough. It will probably not affect your site’s ranking in the eyes of Google if that’s what you’re asking but I don’t think there’s a way we can determine that (yet).

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