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Profitable “Dirty Jobs” You Can Start for Under $100

April 30th, 2007 by shawn · 3 Comments

Want to earn good money? Need to start the business on the cheap? If you have $100 to invest, you can start a business that will be profitable (and usually pay you in cash). The one caveat? You need to be willing to work hard and get dirty.

Landscaping/Lawn Care. To paraphrase The Kids in the Hall, One thing I know…grass grows. Great! Lawns always need to be trimmed, and no one wants to do it themselves. (At least not in the South where I’m from.) The busy season can vary depending on which part of the country you live in, but expect steady work from May through September in most of the country. You’ll need a truck or van, a mulching mower, and a weedeater at minimum. Spend about $100 and get used equipment off craigslist and go door-to-door in a wealthy ‘hood. Be ready to spend your days working in the sun and your nights counting the cash.

House Painting. The favorite of ingenuitive college students, the business of house painting can indeed be lucrative. One owner of a house painting business made $25,000 within a one-month period. He worked 12-hour days (and had another crew working for him), but remember this was during one month of the year! You need minimal supplies to start this job (which should easily cost less than $100), and you need to be at least smart enough to roll a roller in a straight line – so this isn’t rocket science. It is however marketing science and timing science: you must market yourself well (meaning look trustworthy) and advertise everywhere you can. Expect a lot of business in the months from September through December. Why? The holidays are when people prepare to impress company.

Dog Walking. For slackers and hippies who want to earn some dough, I have to recommend the dog walking business. You basically get to do whatever you want all day, as long as you can do it with a canine in tow. Also, you should probably have a car or van that is basically disposable: it’s gonna stink. And you’re gonna stink as well…like a dog. However it requires virtually no start-up costs, and this is yet another task that people either can’t do or don’t want to do. Busy people need this service, and they typically are professionals who can afford it as well. Start this biz for cheap: buy some dog treats and a frisbee, get yourself some leashes, and get ready for business.

These might all be dirty jobs, but remember they are all cheap to start, they are cash-only jobs, and most importantly can earn some decent dollars. (Often in cash, I might add.) If you’re willing to work a little harder than most people and sell yourself, any of these jobs can keep you busy for a while.

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    Comment by lyndonmaxewell
    2007-04-30 13:30:10

    Those might be nice in getting some part-time income, however it’s really hard work. Phhew!

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-04-30 17:29:44

    Thanks for the comment! I agree with you: these jobs are all pretty much hard labor – so these are probably best to do if you just want to make money for a while until you can reach a goal that will get you FURTHER along – i.e. finishing school, paying off debt, or raising funds to start another business.

    Have you ever heard of Cane’s Chicken? It’s a recently successful chicken fast-food restaurant with locations in a few U.S. states. The guys who started it did a season as Alaskan crab fisherman to raise the money to start their (now successful) franchised business. (Crab fishing is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, or so I hear.)

    Me? I’m probably too lazy to do any of the above jobs at this point in my life. I like air-conditioning too much… :)

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    Comment by brody mccain
    2008-05-30 17:19:49

    Nice article
    heres a tip while you use these jobs to make an income look for other avenues to invest in that you can double your money every month.

    For example mathimatically the following idea works! But finding what to invest in can be somewhat difficult. Relestate, collectibles, a business, cars, trucks, jewlery, art, ect..

    If you start with $200 and double your money each month from January to December by the following January you will have over a 1/2 a billion dollars starting with $200 bucks, let me show you.

    Starting in January you invest $200 bucks and 30 days later you’ve found a way to double that $200 which gives you $400


    $200 doubled is
    $400 and that invested and doubled is..
    $800 now invest the $800 and it doubled is..
    $1600 then

    You could start with $200 and end up very wealthy with the right investments, for instance you buy something for $200 and get back $400, maybe a car you get for $200 you advertise it and get back $400, then you invest the $400 into a truck and get back $800, of course you have to be on the look out for these opportunites. Then you take the $800 and get this great deal on an rv which you sell for $1600, before long you are investing in realestate and the rest is history!

    Just an idea.


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