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Shareasale/WordPress Store Update

September 6th, 2008 by shawn · 8 Comments

A couple of months ago I built an affiliate store using the Shareasale datafeed store-builder and integrated it into a WordPress site. (I did this so that I could auto-blog about random products in the store, as well as mix relevant content in the posts that weren’t necessarily store products but had something to do with the product niche – in this case, Halloween costumes.)

I ran into a few problems with getting the whole thing working, however.

Initially, I couldn’t easily integrate the store with the blog and had to do some “manual labor” to the WordPress template so it would work. (I have since that time fixed it so the script automatically uses the same WordPress theme and integrates cleanly with WP.)

Also, I found that I couldn’t really “auto-blog” without an RSS feed and the script doesn’t automatically generate one. I have yet to integrate that feature but it shouldn’t be terribly difficult – all the products get put into a database (from the datafeed) so the data is there, ready to be formatted into a feed. I just haven’t done it yet.

Another problem I encountered is merchants who don’t provide a Category and a Subcategory for their products in the datafeed end up causing subcategories without titles in the store.  I haven’t found a good solution to this one yet – but I’ve experimented with various hacks including using the SAS Category when there is no Merchant Category for instance. (Those familiar with the Shareasale datafeed format know what I’m talking about.)

However, for the most part I have had good results with the site – even considering the problems. By “good results”, I mean I have had a few sales from the site. In the last 7 days the site generated $49.33 from three sales. I didn’t work as much on the site as I had intended to – I just kinda built it and forgot about it – but it’s already paid for itself and then some.

For promotion, I only used the Weasle SEO tool which builds links automatically on social networking sites, blogs, etc. So I pretty much just built the site, submitted it into Weasle, and forgot about it. It took a month and a half before sales started appearing.

Future plans for the site include adding more content, and adding another datafeed so I’ll have more products (plus, the current merchant I am promoting isn’t keeping their datafeed up-to-date and I am seeing a few discontinued products.) Also, I would like to generate more SEO-friendly product URLs.

(By the way – the site is called Eerie Shop and it sells Halloween costumes and horror props and masks. Eerie Shop is located at http://eerieshop.com. Click on “Catalog” to see the actual store.)

I have decided to only make this script available to a limited number of people for the moment but I will post another update soon on its availability.

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    Comment by Kate
    2008-09-08 10:07:34

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    Comment by Bernhard
    2008-09-08 19:38:24

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    Comment by BigSky
    2008-09-12 09:44:03

    Not bad, $49 in 7 days for just a little bit of effort. I can only imagine with some additional link building and time what you might have. I checked out the site, pretty cool!

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    Comment by Sarah
    2008-09-18 07:47:29

    thanks for sharing valuable information of Weasle SEO tool , most of the blogger have’nt heard about it .

    I will try this tool

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    Comment by PSD RockStar
    2008-09-19 14:29:53

    I am also looking for online money making strategies. 49$ a week meaning over $200 per month is good enough deal for me.. :)

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    2008-09-26 13:52:15

    That’s a lot more money than most people are making online. Some people just don’t know how to create something valuable and then market it well.

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    2008-09-30 21:16:58

    Your holloween sit looks good. I have just begun doing RSS integration, mostly with Hyper VRE software. I like the concept of having new content constantly streaming to my sites but I am a little wary of having a boat load of links pointing to someone elses site that means that my traffic could click off without clinking on my monetized links.

    I am still debating the worth. Basically I think if I can keep the site updated with fresh content that I may drop the RSS all together, however if I find that the site is a low earner – say 30/month or under – I may just leave the RSS as the main way to keep the content fresh.

    Anyway thanks for the good post.

    - James

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    Comment by Tim LeBlanc
    2008-11-09 03:28:15

    I followed your link to weaslebot.com and decided to give it a try. Do you have any thoughts on this new SEO tool? Thanks.

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