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Smart Site Creation & Management with Mass Account Manager

August 28th, 2007 by shawn · 8 Comments

As you know, one of my rules is to automate as much as possible. If a computer can do the job, a human shouldn’t do it. That’s why I value PHP so much; it allows me to automate a lot of mundane tasks.

I have scripts to find me expiring domain names. I have a script that finds archived versions of pages and scrapes the content. I have a script that allows me to input a website, and it then finds all the keywords related to that site and it tells me what position the site ranks for each of those keywords.

You get the idea – I have scripts that do a lot of things that otherwise would either take too much time or would be boring. If I don’t have to do it manually, I probably won’t.

Well up until now one of the tasks I’ve had to do manually is creating subdomains, and populating those subdomains with a standard installation of either WordPress, YACG, or a site template I made by mahself.

Let me explain what I had to do, and you’ll see why this whole process was so awful:

  1. Get a new hosting account. Put ten domain names on it.
  2. For each of the domain names, create a number of subdomains, like so: shopping.domain1.com
  3. For each of my subdomains, put a site on it. If a WordPress site, use Fantastico to install the site.
  4. Change the default theme and options for each new site.
  5. Populate each site with content or set it up for auto content generation in some form or fashion.
  6. Catch my breath because it’s exhausting!

I have wanted a solution to all this. Now, I’m an okay PHP scripter – but I don’t know how to do everything and I don’t have time to learn everything. My feeling is that if a tool already exists and it does the job well, I don’t try to reinvent the wheel; I just use what’s already out there.

Usually I can find a free tool to do what I want, or a piece of code that I can adapt. But not always. In this case, I couldn’t even FIND a tool or an app of any kind!! However, I finally have found something that does what I need. It’s not free, but it’s worth the price. (The way I think of pay tools is if it’s gonna save me time and help me make more money, it’s worth the purchase price because it will pay for itself.)

Anyway, the tool is called Mass Account Manager and it’s just what it sounds like – a tool to manage all of your domains (or hosting accounts) from one central control panel. It does some amazing things as well. You know how I had to manually create all those subdomains, for each and every domain I wanted to set up? Yeah – well those days are over with. Mass Account Manager can take a list (of numbers, names, keywords, whatever) and make subdomains on any or all domains that you specify.

As long as you have cPanel hosting accounts, it can do it. (No you don’t need WHM like with Domain Dashboard – just cPanel.) What this means is if you have a regular HostGator or LunarPages hosting account (doesn’t have to be a reseller account!) you can use Mass Account Manager to control all your domains. You can do this with MULTIPLE hosting accounts. So if you have ten domains on a Lunarpages account, ten domains on a HostGator account, and another seven domains on a different LunarPages account…guess what? You can do all this cool stuff to all of them.

The other cool feature which I have to mention is the fact that you can upload files to multiple domains and/or subdomains at one time. You have a bunch of WordPress blogs, and you want to add a certain plugin to all of them in one shot? Easy. Choose which sites and choose the file you want to upload to – and go eat lunch. When you come back it’ll be done. Cool, huh?

If you want to check this out, click on the banner below. There are demo videos that show you exactly how the tool works and what it looks like. If you have even a handful of sites and you want life to be easier – I think you’ll see the value of this app.

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    Comment by Louiss
    2007-09-04 05:13:17

    What I know is create a sub domain manually doesn’t spend much on your time. Besides Mass Account Manager manage the site creation, what other thing it can do for us?
    May be it is not worth for me to get it since this tool is not much function other that mange the site domain

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    2007-09-06 18:27:21

    [...] this post for another option….Mass Account Manager __________________ DIY Dollars Blog Vargas Pinups "…when Google, Yahoo or MSN scrape your [...]

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    Comment by Warhammer
    2007-09-06 20:19:27

    Nice tutorial, thx a lot !

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    Comment by chilli
    2007-09-10 19:18:48

    yeah, the tutorial is great, but i still have one question. do subdomains also get a pagerank? isn´t it better to create new sites?

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-09-17 19:56:59

    Subdomains can and do get their own PR – yes indeed. But no its not necessarily better to create a site on its own new domain. Especially if you want to use a domain for all its worth. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using subdomains…

    Comment by Dave RH
    2007-09-12 19:53:23

    We develop large amounts of sites too, (probably not on the same level as you though! :) I’m going to take a look at this script because it sounds like it could save us a LOT of time :)

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-09-12 21:35:32

    Well if you hate repetitive tasks and you hate time-consuming tasks (in other words: you’re lazy and have a short attention span like me) then I recommend it. :)

    Seriously if you develop sites on a regular basis I think you’ll really like it. Let me know what you think of it if you do get it…

    Comment by Subconscious Mind
    2007-09-25 04:21:12

    great tutorial, thanks for this!

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