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The Easiest Increaser of Productivity You Can Do NOW

May 15th, 2009 by shawn · 1 Comment

Most marketers I know are smart people who know what they want to do…they just don’t “do it”. They either procrastinate, they get lazy, they “don’t get around to it”, or they simply don’t follow up.

Whatever. The failures I see are all the results of laziness, excuses, or allowing the “urgent” to take the place of the “important”.

So what to do? How to not continue failing, excusing, or ignoring your goals?

Here’s the simplest – but most powerful – solution I know of. I’ll give it to you in two simple pieces, the first piece being the explanation of what needs to happen and the second piece being how to do it.

1) You need to interrupt your routine, and eliminate the distractions. Make it so you have no excuses, no “urgent” interruptions, no phone calls…nothing on TV to stop you from doing what you really want to accomplish. Go it?

2) Do this by getting up a half-hour early. Simple, I know. But I guarantee you this: if you start to rise 30 minutes earlier it will change your life. Seriously.

The catch? None – except maybe the note that you should use the extra half-hour to work on your real goals. No answering emails, no wasting time!

  • Get up
  • Get some coffee
  • Get something done!

That’s it! Best of luck….

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    1 Comment

    Comment by Scenty
    2009-05-16 03:14:41

    I just turned the TV off, got some coffe and began to focus. You are true in what you say distractions hinder progress. Everyone needs progress.

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