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The Measure of Success

June 27th, 2009 by rosie · 1 Comment

Everyone’s own definition of success varies according to their own system of values. Some people may think success is primarily measured by monetary gain and financial security; others would argue true success is doing something that really matters; and yet others would contend that success is defined by deep personal relationships. Success is subjective and so there is not one correct definition. However, there are certain characteristics that are common to everyone’s idea of living a successful life.

In no particular order…

1. You don’t have to be rich, but it’s necessary to have enough. Deprivation and poverty aren’t anyone’s idea of success. The key is to be satisfied with enough and make wise financial decisions. Think before you buy; learn to control your “wanter.” Remember, too, that the direction you are going in is more important than where you have been.

2. Have meaningful relationships. Many people work long and hard at their careers or running a business. If only this much effort goes into their relationships with the people who matter! Learn to communicate. Say the things you should say. Make time for people. Make memories with people.

3. Be benevolent.
Volunteer. Mentor. Invest your time and money in something you believe in. People who are involved in humanitarian causes are more satisfied and have an easier time seeing the big picture.

4.  Be trustworthy.  Keep your word; honor your commitments.  Then people will respect and honor you.  This is key in having a successful life.

5. Live on purpose.  Too many people live without thinking and end up somewhere they do not want to be because they neglected to think about what they really wanted.  Too many commitments, the wrong career,  wasted time and money- all because they never stopped to consider why and what they were doing.  Live consciously.  Periodically evaluate your life and then make adjustments.

6. You need time.  Everything in our life takes time.  Many people never get around to doing the important things because they were too busy.

Success is living a satisfying, fulfilling, meaningful life. In all aspects. Balance.

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    1 Comment

    2011-09-03 00:46:37

    Right. Money isn’t used as a measuring stick for success of a man’s life. When you look at rich people, some of them are empty inside and not happy with their lives. Yes, they are successful when it comes to business but in the bigger picture they are a failure.

    I guess the main thing here should be, just do you what you love doing and care for the people in your life because at the end of the day you will be satisfied.

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