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The Most Important Thing to Remember Is…

September 26th, 2007 by shawn · 6 Comments

There’s no secret(s) when it comes to making money online.

Oh, you might think there are secrets. You may even think you have some of those secrets.

But there’s really aren’t any secrets. “How to make money online” isn’t really something that only an exclusive elite class of people knows how to do.

To the contrary: “how to make money online” is discussed over and over again on forums, it is written about in books (with new ones coming out each month), it is lectured about on audiobooks and MP3 files, and it is distributed in the form of e-books and email reports. (Yeah, you’ve seen all those things too huh?) The materials are out there and thousands of people just like you have read, listened, and learned the methods outlined in the materials.

So I’ll say it again – there are no secrets on how to make money online. Now if you want to split hairs and say “But there’s a secret method of how to get unlimited traffic from an exploit on StumbleUpon…” or whatever, well you may be right but let me point out a couple of things:

  • Secret methods don’t stay secret for very long – someone will either sell it or give it away before long
  • A method that you think only you are aware of is also known and being used by a certain amount of other people – you aren’t the only smart person on the internet

But enough about that. My point is that the actual methods of how to accomplish income production have been disseminated and are pretty easy to find and learn. You can learn at least one new way to make money every day if you want to. I probably learn a couple of new ways each week – and I rarely spend any money to learn these methods.

Just search the torrent sites, read some of the better blogs, and visit a handful of forums each week and you too will be overloaded with information. (Yes, that’s about all you’ll accomplish. Information overload.)

So what’s the most important thing? (“Breakfast”) The most important thing is not “how to make money online” because there are hundreds of ways. The most important thing is what you do with the knowledge. If you don’t do anything, it doesn’t matter how much you know. Likewise, if you don’t continue a good plan you’ll still fail at making money.

This is the very thing that stops maybe 95% of all would-be entrepreneurs.

Tell me: have you ever started something (thinking you’d make money at it), but then after a week you made no money, so you quit? Yeah I’ve done that, too.

So here is the most important thing to remember: stick with it.

Easier said than done. But that one thing is the true secret, the true heart of making money online.

Whatever method you learn, whatever ebook you read, whatever new thing you endeavor to try – stick with it. Most people quit before they’ve ever gotten close to making that first buck. If you stick with your money-making plan, not only will you make your first dollar but you’ll learn how to continue making money.

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    2007-09-27 02:53:07

    Great advice. The key to making money online is to choose one method and then focus on it, and take consistent action until you reach your goal.

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    Comment by Abstract Promotion
    2007-09-27 18:44:16

    Good post – this is the mistake I see a lot of new internet marketers make. They waste far too much time trying to find the jackpot, the instant money maker. They don’t seem to realize that all the big money makers have been working at it for years and slowly and steadily built up their revenue. Like you said – stick to it. Perseverance is key.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-09-29 15:55:46

    So many people I know (who ARE making money online daily) had to do it for six months, a year, or two years before they got to the level where they can live off their online income. EVERYONE I know including myself has lost money too.

    The simple fact is that success rarely comes overnight. (If it does come overnight it’s a total fluke and never lasts.) Success in this realm only comes after a lot of time, investments, mistakes, and experience.

    Comment by Basement Flooded
    2007-09-28 05:52:29

    The secret to making money online is hard work. Seriously… I bet John Chow and Shoemoney are in fromt of their computer right now working on something.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-09-29 15:53:07

    Thanks for the comment. I think you’re right – the people I know who are successful now had to work hard previously. The work more, work harder, and don’t accept “no” for an answer. They simply do not give up. They keep going. They keep trying. They MAKE IT HAPPEN when they decide they want to accomplish something.

    Chow and Shoemoney and the rest of the successful bloggers devote themselves to the task of blogging and promoting themselves.

    It’s not necessarily talent or intelligence. It’s devotion and determination.

    Comment by Cocoplum homes
    2011-09-03 00:57:19

    Well-written article, a nice read. I think it is not about what method you use to be successful, it is about how much effort you put in to it. You can have the best strategy available but if you do it halfheartedly then you will achieve nothing. Even not so good strategies have worked before because of hard work and time, also because they love what they are doing so they became successful.

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