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The Only Make Money Guide You Need for 2012

January 26th, 2012 by shawn · 4 Comments

I really hope you found this post while searching for a guide to making money online – a guide you would have otherwise paid for. I’m not against WSO’s and I’m certainly not against books, but what I am against is wasting money. So don’t waste your money. You and I both know that almost every person who pays for a course on how to make money or buys an ebook will not actually accomplish what the book or guide promises they will accomplish.

Have you ever wondered why that is? I have not only analyzed it and thought about it but I’ve experienced it. So after wasting money on special SEO software, memberships to forums, e-books, WSOs, courses, and all sorts of other money- and time-wasters…I offer my free guide. And I promise you will make money from it. Before beginning, put some beer in the fridge.

Step 1: Research a Niche
You need to figure out a niche of product. It can be almost anything that can be bought and sold – anything from a service to a tangible product to a non-tangible product. In fact I don’t care and it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something people buy online. It doesn’t matter if they buy it on Clickbank, via merchant’s private affiliate programs, or via Amazon affiliate links. Just find a niche that can be sold (via affiliate links, of course).

How to pick? I don’t want to give you any complicated formulas or even any simple formulas for how to choose a niche. Since this is my guide and I like to keep things simple, here’s the only requirement: you are interested in it. If you like guitars, then maybe the niche is guitars or guitar effects pedals. If you are a big time anime geek, then something anime like maybe those statues of anime women or whatever. If you like a certain kind of eyeglasses, then choose that style of glasses. You just need to like this niche enough to stick with this project.

Your niche research consists of simply picking something you’re interested in that you can sell online.

Step 2: Buy a Domain
Get yourself a reasonable domain. You don’t need to spend lots of money on a domain. Just do a bulk domain search for your main keyword with words appended to it such as “buy”, “online”, “store”, etc. Get a .com and don’t bother with anything else. The shorter the better, and no dashes.

Step 3: Set Up a WordPress Site
I make the assumption you have hosting already. If not, get cPanel hosting with Fantastico. Set your brand-spanking-new domain up with WordPress. A non-techie could probably do it with ease, so you can probably have it set up in five minutes just like WordPress promises. Put in the title of your site, put a nice template on there, set up an XML sitemap, set up pretty permalinks (category/title), and set up a contact form. (I’ll leave it up to you to pick the plugins for those tasks). Now, grab one of those beers.

Step 4: Research Ten Titles
As you crack open that beer, you should have a notepad next to you and your computer screen in front of you. I want you to brainstorm topics that relate to your niche. Some words to get your ideas flowing are “best”, “worst”, “tips”, “how to use”, “best methods”, “best uses”, “highest rated”, “reviews”, “how to pick”, “best of 2011″ (or previous year), “bargains”, “coupons”, “deals”. Depending on your niche these suggested words might work, but you might need to come up with some others as well.

This might take an hour. It might take three hours. But if you sit down and brainstorm, do a bit of searching, and write down all the good ideas, you will end up with a list of decent article titles – these are topics for the next step. Out of that list, I want you to choose the ten “best”.

Step 5: Write
If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You are doing better than maybe 75% of all “affiliate marketers” because most people simply hang out on forums, buy software, and then do nothing. You, however, are about to actually give yourself a shot at making some affiliate sales. That can’t happen until you write an article for each of your topics from the previous step, where you started drinking.

If you’re still drinking, it will help with the tedium – because writing a lot of content can be very boring. The most common complaint is “I can’t think of any more ways to say the same thing”. I know, because I’ve had to do it and I’ve also directed inexperienced content writers in how to write for me. But be of good cheer; it is possible to write about the same thing over and over.

For one thing, the titles you picked are hopefully different enough to where you aren’t duplicating the exact same thought over and over. Secondly, as your write your articles you can formulate some content creation steps. Here are some steps I used in a particular niche for which I had to write a series of 300+ word articles dealing with apparel and accessories:

  1. If there’s a brand or company in the subcategory, type out some company info including product specialties or applications, if possible. You can use this to flesh out the text.
  2. Make a generic list of product types that are in this category.
  3. Divide those product types into related groups of products.
  4. Form an outline by introducing the company or subcategory, then writing sentences around the groups of product types, then closing with a summary.
  5. Fill in details by citing possible uses of the products.

For your niche, you will have different steps, but the point is that you CAN formulate some steps to help you create the articles. You have to first write one really good article, break down what you did, and then formulate it. After that, it’s almost like filling in the blanks.

When you’ve written your ten articles, you can go to step six.

Step 6: Publish
This is where you can reward yourself by actually doing something you can see. This is where results can occur. This is when sales can start rolling in!

Publish each of your lovingly crafted articles on your WordPress site. Of course make sure to do your tagging, any SEO stuff you want to do, and last but not least – put those affiliate links in the articles. I would suggest placing a good image in each article as well. Place an alt attribute on each pic while you’re at it.

It Is Finished!
Now, sit back and pronounce it “good”. You have something that can make money. You have a foundation, at least, from which to build upon. You have something you didn’t have before, and its something that the vast majority of “internet marketers” do not possess.

Best of all, if you’ve gotten this far I guarantee that you’ve gained knowledge, experience, and maybe some good habits that will get you going further. Why is this important? Because now you can move on to the next site. You can do it again. By the end of 2012 you can have a handful of solid websites that you can improve, build upon, promote, and (of course) make some money from.

And that is the full extent of the guide. I really have nothing else to say. That’s partly because I hate writing long articles, but also because I am confident that if you simply build one site as I’ve described, you will have learned (either intuitively or as a side-effect of your efforts) the rest of what you need to learn. It just comes with the territory, and in fact can’t be imputed by “book knowledge”.

If you build a site as I described, you have what you need to make money online in 2012. And I wish you the best of success.

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    Comment by Feye Johnson
    2012-01-30 04:11:31

    That was an easy read but hard to digest. Step 1: Research a Niche might seem easy but I think it’s one of the difficult task to do. There are millions of websites live and chances are, the niche that you have come up with is already taken by someone else.

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    Comment by Vance Miller
    2012-01-30 21:09:38

    The concept is simple but actually driving traffic to the website so that it can actually become profitable is the hard part. Your advice is great because it is common sense and you didn’t try to charge for it.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by baju muslim
    2012-02-21 17:27:40

    To get some success in internet marketing, you need to stay focus and work smart. Repeat and rinse the process and you will get best result in SEO.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Jennifer
    2012-02-22 06:49:35

    Baju is right because most people fail because they give up too soon. It’s not an overnight process. Just like any business, it takes time.

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