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The REAL Reason Our Economy Is Failing?

July 22nd, 2009 by shawn · No Comments

There are a lot of “reasons” being given (on the news, in the papers, and from the honest truthful unmanipulative mouths of political leaders) for our failed economy. (And I do mean “failed” – not just failing. We have a corpse on our hands, I don’t care how many times you put the shock paddles on it.) And you probably just have a big-picture-type of idea of “why”. Something to do with the real estate bubble, gas prices, and the free market failing us.

Does this sound familiar? Because if you’re in the same boat as most Americans, it should sound familiar. We aren’t exactly sure what vehicle brought us to our current destination, but we know we don’t want to be here any more. And Uncle Sam’s coming to rescue us. We just have to wait for him to come pick us up.

Only thing is…from past experience, we know we shouldn’t really trust Uncle Sam.

If you’re grounded in reality, you’ve learned to have a healthy distrust of government (in general) and you haven’t forgotten that these people are just people, and they’re fallible. They make some huge mistakes and do the wrong thing, often. They lie. And they do not want to look bad.

[And to make everyone out there happy, lest you think I’m about to bash the messiah Obama, I happen to have the same level of distrust for the Bush gang. So there. Now just listen for a minute, and consider what I have to say.]

I do not care what the major media and government is telling us about the financial crisis – it simply was not caused by the “free market” and cannot be blamed on corporations. When you hear blame being connected with artificially-low-interest mortgages, that’s closer to the real cause – but not quite “there” yet.

The blame should be leveled solely in one place, for just about everything: the Federal Reserve. Specifically, the system of worthless paper money the Fed controls. We’ve been living on borrowed time for years (even now!) and I don’t care how good of a speaker Obama is: injecting more worthless “money” into certain sectors of our economy can’t heal the patient. (Remember? It’s already dead.)

The real reason our economy is failing can be traced to the Fed. The Federal Reserve Bank is the originator of our miseries, and until we have “real” money again and actually allow such a thing as the “free market” to exist, we’ll continue to suffer.

Now, I’m not an authority. (Not that that means much, since the “authorities” don’t seem to know much, themselves.) But I make it my main interest to deal in common sense and wisdom wherever I can find it, and I’ve found quite a bit of actual truth being given out. There actually are some sane thinkers out there who care enough to explain how it all works, and what’s going on.

I just read the book Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods, for one – and I have to say it’s the best explanation of economics I’ve ever seen. (Chapter 6 – “Money” taught me more than I ever learned in school.) Just go get that book; I guarantee you will find it to be extremely eye-opening and valuable. You WILL have a clear understanding of the economy after reading this short book.

After you grab that book and read it (please read it – it’s packed with info, and not too long) just listen to some of the guys who’ve proven they know what they’re talking about. (No, not that Bernanke clown.) Guys like Jim Rogers for instance.

Sane economic practices will become obvious to the mainstream, one day. My only hope is that we don’t have to suffer enslavement, total ruin, or a one-world currency takeover before we get there – and we lament what “could have been”.

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