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Three Areas of Internet Marketing Success: #2 – THE PRODUCT

December 19th, 2007 by shawn · 16 Comments

If you’re a marketer-in-the-making, you need a product to sell. Successful marketers find something to sell and they do it the right way. So what does it take to find the right product? How do you know if something totally sucks, or if it’s great? Where do you find products? How many jellybeans are in the jar at the county fair? Lotsa questions.


You, as an upstanding IM with the same internet that I use and at least as much brain power, can find stuff to sell. It’s everywhere. Every website you visit either has an affiliate program or there’s a competing/similar website with an affiliate program. So get in the habit of scrolling to the bottom of websites and looking for words like “Affiliates” or “Webmasters” and there ya go. Sign up and put your login details into a spreadsheet named “affiliate_accounts.xls” and have fields like “Program”, “Aff. URL”, “Username”, “Password”, “Payout”, “# Prods”, “Tools”. In the Payout field, list the percentage or dollar amount. In the Tools field, list the types of tools they offer (if any).

So that’s one way. Another way (the way I find most convenient) is to sign up with MaxBounty, CJ, ShareaSale, etc. where you can get a ton of links from one place and do it easy. Why is this so good? Well, think about the fact that it COULD take months to accrue enough affiliate sales with an individual website or for one particular product. Usually, in order to receive your first payout you need $50 or $100. See what I mean? You could be waiting forever to get your money when dealing with onesies. With a company that aggregates a whole bunch of products from different places, you can get paid much easier much faster because you are selling one or two items from a LOT of companies all at once.


Learn that right now. There is simply NO market that isn’t saturated, where no one is selling a particular product, and where you won’t have to actually do some work in order to make some money at it.

Now you know I’m all for newbies and you know I consider myself a student of all things at all times and not some kind of know-it-all, but I’m sick of seeing newbies on forums and in blog comments asking about stupid things like “niches that are unsaturated”. If you look up just about ANYTHING you’re going to have thousands of links to compete with, on some level. Even if I decided I wanted to purchase something bizarre and I entered “buy rancid snacks” in Google, there’s 24,000+ search results. And for real things people want to buy, there’s always a bunch of existing pages people have built for that product.

But you know what?? 95% of all aff. marketers either just suck, or they get bored, or they get a real job or they get a girlfriend – so they end up quitting. (And 2% don’t suck, but they move on to other products.) So if you are going to actually build a bunch of pages/sites for your product and so ACTUAL promotion & link building then guess what? You’re in the elite minority of people selling that product.

Every market is saturated. Every niche is saturated. Just accept that as a tenet of affiliate marketing faith, and then move on because you don’t care. You’re gonna do a better marketing job than over 95% of all the other players in that niche – so whether the market is saturated or not is really a moot point, isn’t it?


The hard part of affiliate marketing isn’t related to the “best” niche. The ultimate question isn’t even which merchant “converts” the best. Which affiliate network you use isn’t the most important thing. Why? Because for any product, at any time of day, any time of yearsomeone will buy it.  So if you really were to ask the ultimate question of affiliate marketing it won’t have as much to do with the choice of product or niche – the challenge lies in how you pair the right buyer with the right product.

No matter what product you pick – a cell phone for elderly people, a beer-making kit, a maternity bra, absinthe, bachelorette party supplies – someone is looking for it right now at this very moment so they can buy it. Your job is to pick a product and present it to enough potential buyers enough times so that someone buys. It really is that simple.

So what am I saying about the “Product” part of Internet Marketing Success? I’m saying a few simple things, here they are restated:

  1. Get yourself a bunch of products to sell. If you join affiliate networks you can make the task a little easier. Stay organized; spreadsheets can help with this.
  2. Don’t obsess over which niche is least competitive or which one is less saturated with other sellers. Just make sure you do your best and you focus on the task at hand.
  3. Whatever products you pick, know this: there’s a buyer out there, right now. How will you get them to see your product? That’s your job.

So pick your products, stay organized, and start selling. You wanna know how to sell? Who to sell to? What to do?


Oh…OK. But I’m saving that for next time…in Part 3.

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    Comment by Aurelius Tjin
    2007-12-21 03:42:13

    I agree with you. With the recent product overload on the world wide web recently. You have to make sure which product is actually selling like hotcakes.

    There are several hundreds or thousands of affiliate programs out there. Be sure to pick the good ones. :)

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    Comment by Steven
    2007-12-24 23:15:09

    Agree aswell. So its probably best not to invest unless your sure you have a star product. But the problem is the market is only going to continue to get more and more saturated.

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    Comment by JakeLynagh
    2007-12-26 08:55:16

    Thankyou so much, this information really helped me…

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    2008-01-02 13:12:01

    Saturation isn’t the only problem you’ll run into in internet marketing.
    What you want to be sure of when selling on line is “what is the quality of this product?”
    If you have a good product, then you can sell it with the confidence that it will be worth the time, effort, money, and research to enter the fray!
    Did I mention the internet college of hard knocks?
    I have been a pro-Gambler in Las Vegas for years and at one point lost more on the internet than I ever did on the tables all put together!
    I reiterate make sure any product you sell is a real value to your customers ! James

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    Comment by Stephan Miller
    2008-01-02 21:27:00

    Every market is saturated but to different degrees. Looking at the Google SERP’s may give the quantity of competition, but not the quality.
    I have seen instant jumps to the front page of Google that were made relatively easily with search terms that had thousands of results.

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    Comment by Al
    2008-01-03 01:32:19

    Yeah most people think they’ll start a website and they’ll be rich. It takes a hell of a lot of work before you can learn how to actually make money online whether it’s by advertising or through e-commerce. My website is the following — it’s starting to be successful, but still has some ways to go!

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    Comment by jt
    2008-01-05 21:29:13

    Thanks for the post. And me too, I agree with every word include in it.

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    2008-01-25 00:39:41

    Great post. I know it’s difficult for others to believe but if you sell it and they find it someone will buy it. People told me the same thing when I started my ghillie site. My friends called me after a few months and asked if I have sold one yet. I tell them I’ve sold hundreds and they say “Really?”

    BTW, I was thinking of adding an affiliate program to my site. I’ve never been on this side of affiliates before.

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    Comment by Katie
    2008-01-28 00:22:11

    Me too I want to say thanks;) The ideas are quite good. And Your site I find really good. Thanks.

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    Comment by Jeff
    2008-03-05 12:48:42

    Thanks for your insight. The question that arises for me is, does one do better selling what people want or what they need. Mine is a ‘need’ thing so the next question arises; what are the best ways to convince the prospect that my product (method, system) is the best?

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    Comment by David
    2008-04-05 17:05:26

    It’s always the same story. You need traffic to your site if you want to earn. To make real money you need alot of traffic.

    It’s not easy. No matter where the traffice comes from search engines or PPC. Once you have the traffic you need a good product that pays you well for your effort.

    Happy hunting.

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    Comment by Bev Mans
    2008-04-25 10:28:02

    Excellent advice. :-) As long as you apply yourself and focus on your particular niche you will be a success – don’t focus on your competition – focus on the buyers and getting your products to them.

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    Comment by Eugene Chuang Garg
    2008-07-19 10:22:36

    And dont forget you dont just need any traffic, you need search engine traffic as only this traffic will pay out ;-)

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    2008-08-18 19:42:12

    Yes sounds easy enough but in real its not. It takes time and more time. For a website to make money takes 2 or more years… for some it never happens.

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    Comment by louis r bucalo
    2008-08-24 09:30:13

    All markets are saturated but still even a new company will find its customers. Thats the way of the market.

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    Comment by Coral Gables Homes
    2011-09-03 06:08:02

    I’m so excited to read the part 3 :) This is really a helpful stuff for newbies and for those who are finding success in the internet world market. I have been thinking about starting an affiliate business. Thanks for the advices.

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