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To the Men: Stop Dressing Like Boys

May 16th, 2009 by shawn · 2 Comments

This may seem a bit like a rant, and perhaps it is: but I have come to a decision and I must share.

A successful man must dress the part.

Of course it should go without saying that a successful lady should dress for success as well, but I have to address the men here. For one thing, I am a man so I’m able to address the problems I see with men. The second thing is there are some major problems with men’s dress these days! (Ladies, not so much. Many of you look great.)

The specific problem with men is that they appear like boys or slobs. But rarely do they dress like they should dress. I’m thinking of business settings right now, but in general society today, men dress horribly.

For a while now I’ve become reluctant to wear a baseball cap (I have a couple). When I wear one, I feel like I should be holding my mommy’s hand – men shouldn’t wear baseball caps unless they’re playing baseball, pretty much. And now that I look around and see grown men wearing them, it seems wrong.

For some contrast, take a look at almost any Hollywood movie made up until the early sixties and you’ll see how a real hat changes a man’s appearance. So, I say we bring back the hat. Personally, I like fedoras or trilbys or flat caps. But not a ballcap, unless the occasion calls for mowing the lawn or throwing a ball.

I recently went to a meeting of many hospitality/hotel/restaurant workers and business owners. At this gathering, I saw a lot of bad fashion among men. Lots of ill-fitting polos with embroidered logos, and lots of short-sleeved button-up shirts paired with clip-on ties. But there were a few guys who stood out – for all the right reasons! They wore distinguished-looking tan suits and leather shoes – what you would expect a Southern businessman to wear back in the old days, almost.

Scanning the crowd, I could pick out the guys who were dressed well and the shlubs. (And a lot of attractive ladies as well, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.) It was like there were a bunch of Dwight Schrutes, and a handful of Don Drapers.

Who do you think is going to get the business, and make the money? The guy who is dressed as if he cares.

I’ve never considered myself a slob, but the whole observation made me realize how it’s actually very important to present yourself well – no matter how “shallow” or just plain wrong that may be. It’s the reality of the business world. And if you plan on being successful, men, “act as if”. (See: Boiler Room).

That means you need to look the part. So let’s do it.

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    Comment by MMA Bart
    2009-06-05 20:48:15

    Arggg! This bugs me too. I hate it when guys try to look “fashionable” but really just come off looking like they couldn’t afford a decent suit.

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    Comment by display
    2009-06-17 07:05:12

    unless the occasion calls for mowing the lawn or throwing a ball.

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