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Two Simple Ways to Market Yourself for Success

July 27th, 2011 by shawn · 17 Comments

Two Simple Ways to Market Yourself for Success

Real estate is a fun and lucrative business to be in; IF you can master it. There are two ways you can go about building up your career in this field: through focus and hard work, or through floundering. You know how a duck looks so smooth as it glides across the water? Well, under the surface, there are little legs paddling frantically to get the duck where it wants to go! This is kind of how your real estate career looks. You move about your day, looking good and sounding good and saying all the right things (hopefully). And behind the scenes you are pumping yourself up, preparing papers, learning scripts to use with clients, and pumping yourself up some more.

You may buy and sell Denver real estate; you may incorporate property management into your services; you may work on the Atlantic Coast….and your marketing efforts are what are what will make or break you in any scenario or city. Market yourself correctly from the beginning of your real estate career and you’ll be thankful that you put the time into learning how to do things right.

Be Remarkable

This may sound like a tall order; but it’s really not. First, let’s talk about WHY you need to be remarkable. This is easy; you need to be better than the next guy. What do you offer that other people don’t? What is going to make people talk about YOU and your services over the agent at the next desk? Start by asking yourself “If I were my own client, what would be remarkable to me?” Turn off your inner critic and consider services or perks you can offer clients that will make them remember you. Go further than the calendar that sticks to the refrigerator!

  • Offer to have the carpets cleaned when your buyers close escrow on their home
  • Offer to have one room painted
  • Offer tours to clients who are relocating
  • Offer professional photos, videos or home staging for sellers

When deciding on which services you could offer, make your list as large as possible. This will give you something to draw from no matter what your budget at the time.

Take Advantage of Free Marketing

Most real estate agents are easily roped in to creating newsletters and sending mailers, magnets and calendars to their clients. These are all fine and dandy; but there is free marketing out there and you will do well to utilize all that is at your disposal! I’m talking about free press here. In your local area, you want to be known as an expert. If you buy or sell Fort Collins real estate, you want residents of Fort Collins to know you! Step into the limelight! Ways to good PR are to write or have a press release written about the services you are offering to clients. Because you can always switch up the services and perks you offer, you can regularly release this to the public. Consider writing an article, or a regular column for a local paper…research past your large news publication, even smaller publications work for marketing purposes.

When establishing yourself as a professional in your area, remember to be yourself. Have fun. Plan ahead, and learn how to market yourself right.

Laura W. Jansen is an avid writer who covers many topics related to Lifestyle: party decorations, interior design or outdoor living. Gardening, home decorating and outdoor recreation are covered extensively for http://www.automatedhomefinder.com/.

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    2011-08-11 02:27:10

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    2011-09-24 14:38:13

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