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Using ScrapeBox to Rank a Site

July 1st, 2011 by shawn · 18 Comments

I’m in love with a piece of software. I mean it purely metaphorically, but it is true that I am addicted to this one program and feel like I can’t live without it – it’s called Scrapebox. In case you don’t know what it is, you need to find out because you’re been out of the loop for a while now. But hopefully you know it and use it (at least if you’re any sort of affiliate marketer or seo).

Scrapebox is something I use daily, and I have a few routines that work for any site to get things rolling, at least initially. What I’m about to reveal to you is one of my main strategies, step-by-step more or less.

Let’s say I have a brand new website. It has no links or anything. It’s fresh like a newborn baby. I need to get it indexed and get all the pages indexed. So here’s what I do:

Step 1: Build some profiles/sites.

I hand-create some profiles. I make at least 2-3 but ideally about 10. There are some sites I use over and over for this. I make a Google profile, for one. Also I make a Blogger blog, a WordPress.com blog, and a Squidoo lens – among other things. It doesn’t actually matter which ones you use just as long as you get a few established sites and make some sort of account that let’s you link out.

Step 2: Interlink the new supporting sites from step 1.

I actually made a list (on paper), thought it through, and drew lines to which sites should link to each other. Some sites only allow one outgoing link in the profile, some have a place for a few links, some allow blogs, others allow Twitter-style updates. So keeping all that in mind, I had to figure out the most effective way to interlink them. Once I figured it all out, I used that as my permanent guide – I do it the same way every time I build one of these supporting site groups.

Step 3: Build Backlinks to the Supporting Sites

I try to get at least 100 backlinks to each of the sites in my supporting site network. I use Scrapebox to make blog comments and use each of my supporting sites as the link. I use one of the keywords for my main site as the anchor, but you could use anything – these do not have to be high-quality links.

Step 4: Build Backlinks to Your Main Site

Once you’ve made your supporting site backlinks (in Step 3), run the link checker to see which ones “stuck”. Only get the live links out of there. Get all the ones you created, and put them in one list. Use that list to create links to your main site, and use your best keywords.

Step 5: Ping all the Backlinks

Now, gather every single successful (live) backlink you made with Scrapebox and put it in one list. Go to pingdevice.com and ping all of them.

Keep checking (every day or so) to see how many backlinks your main site and all your supporting sites have. You should see a steady increase.

Additional Tips:

  • Ping all of your links, supporting sites, and main site pages each day
  • Use a backlink indexing service such as MassIndexer.com or use something like LinkFarmEvolution to build even more (varied) backlinks to your backlinks
  • Get creative with what kind of links you build – think of all the possibilities of places that allow links of any kind (URL shorteners can serve as links, a lot of site profiling sites provide backlinks, auction sites, classified sites, and of course all the well-known places like directories and article sites)
  • You could use a spreadsheet to track your work/progress or at least write it on paper or type what you did in a text file (but I made a PHP/MySQL app that does it)
  • Consider making a step-by-step instruction for part of the process, and hire people to do it – just provide them the list of your main sites and the instructions

I wish everyone a great 2011, I hope you all are successful at making money at home, and I look forward to sharing more tips. Adios!

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    Comment by Pozycjonowanie
    2011-01-03 10:03:16

    It’s one of the best program for indexing. I use also use it everyday :) Thanks for the tips for new users.

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    Comment by sandra john
    2011-07-28 11:11:32

    It is very nice and great information to in this blog…..so it is indexing in your site….so very nice tips…

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    Comment by jacque smith
    2011-08-09 12:25:16

    I think your website would be back to its original position soon, and in all likelihood would rank even higher than before. But I would suggest not to use that highly spammed blog list of yours anymore,

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    2011-08-09 15:12:13

    thanks for sharing, and nice your blog

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    Comment by georgeeomarr
    2011-08-18 07:00:12

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    Comment by Armand Longiotti
    2011-08-29 03:17:47

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    2011-09-07 12:11:09

    What about getting your new site “seasoned” first by not backlinking the crap out of it initially… like easing it in to googleworld?

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    2011-09-16 14:33:33

    How about steering clear of black hat techniques, and looking at worthwhile link partners. Just a thought :)

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    Comment by Yvette Carraturo
    2011-09-17 04:27:36

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    2011-09-19 14:05:52

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    Comment by removals glasgow
    2011-09-19 14:08:27

    Would be great to have the time, you’d have to work on this continuously I’d imagine?

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    2011-09-19 14:09:12

    Thanks for the tips, hopefully it’ll pay dividends.

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    2011-09-23 10:42:20

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    Comment by George Anderson
    2011-09-26 05:53:08

    sounds very useful, Using ScrapeBox to Rank a Site I will try this.

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    Comment by taxi gatwick
    2011-10-01 07:47:28

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    Comment by seslieses
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