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Virtual World Rich List – Second Life’s Biggest Money Makers

April 19th, 2007 by shawn · 3 Comments

Their avatars and names are fictitious, but their bankrolls are plenty real; get to know Second Life’s top earners and find out how they did it.

Meet the virtual world moguls. The number of Second Life residents generating more than $5,000 in monthly income has more than quadrupled to 116 in the past year, according to San Francisco’s Linden Lab, owner of Second Life.

BusinessWeek.com made a stab at finding out who’s raking in the most, and how. Virtual real estate has been the most lucrative industry from the start. The top land baron, Ailin Graef, became the first Second Life millionaire in November. Some Second Lifers are making a mint off consulting fees from the real-world corporations that are entering the virtual world. And there’s a rapidly growing industry in designing clothes, accessories, and animation for avatars.

Here’s an introduction to 10 of the most successful entrepreneurs in Second Life. All financial figures are converted to U.S. dollars from Linden dollars, the currency of Second Life, using current exchange rates.

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    Virtual World Rich List – Second Life’s Biggest Money Makers…

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