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Vote for the President for Entrepreneurs

November 3rd, 2008 by shawn · 6 Comments

OK. I am not about to get political here and tell you who to vote for or even to write a long post about either presidential candidate. And I won’t even get into the pros and cons of the Democrats or the Republicans. Hopefully you have done your research and have an idea of what each candidate represents and who will be better for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow is election day and to tell you the truth, I am not too pleased with either candidate. Both Obama and McCain are trying to get elected and are therefore making many promises. Both have differing agendas and viewpoints on problems and their solutions. And I am sure everyone can find some things they like about each candidate and some they dislike. On November 4th, it’s time to decide who you think will be best suited to promote the success of the United States. But voting is not only a privelege, but what I also consider my duty- to myself.

So I am going to go out there tomorrow and vote for the candidate I think will be best for me, as an enterprising and hard working American. Because while I may be disappointed in some of the policies of both candidates, I feel an obligation to myself and my country to vote for the candidate who will best protect and promote the rights of the small business owner. After all, our great country and the American Dream are founded on free enterprise and the idea that success is a reward of hard work and ingenuity.

www.DIYdollars.com is all about entrepreneurship. This is not a political blog, but as entrepreneurs, we all need to get out there and vote for the candidate who will encourage free enterprise and promote a healthy economy for business.

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    Comment by Jordans
    2008-11-08 00:19:14

    looks like Obama is trying to make his “promises” come true… already meeting and making his new team.

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    Comment by Josh
    2008-11-26 20:33:49

    You could havge just saved yourself all that trouble and just said vote for Mccain, assuming you want the candidate who will encourage free enterprise. I just hope Obama isn’t able to do too much damage in the next fou years.

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    Comment by Air Jordans
    2008-12-03 03:49:21

    I voted for myself, as an entrepreneur. Mccain or Obama wont change a thing.

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    Comment by Ernie Small
    2008-12-18 01:26:57

    it seems to me that with the way things have been going over the last 8 years or so that if you want our financial system stabilized, we need change, and that’s i think why obama won. let’s keep our fingers crossed….

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    Comment by Ryan
    2009-05-24 19:07:38

    Thousands of people each day in this country are being laid off. I know, because I was one of them. My suggestion is to make a video resume and post it on http://meetyournewemployee.com . Creating my video resume ignited my job prospecting efforts and eventually I had employers fighting over me. That’s very unusual in today’s job market.

    Ryan McClain

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    2011-09-03 06:12:47

    For me, I don’t see any changes under Obama’s administration. Let’s see the next line up for presidential candidate for the next election.

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