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Why Become a Millionaire? One Reason.

October 7th, 2008 by shawn · 17 Comments

I was having a conversation recently with a business owner who I respect, and we were discussing the subject of me. “Me” is a subject I talk about sometimes, including right now I guess. The specific topic of our conversation was how I want to become a millionaire.

The business owner is probably a millionaire (from what they have told me) and I highly respect that accomplishment. In fact, this person is not the first millionaire I’ve known (and become close to) and has been an inspiration to me to become a millionaire myself. Which is where the conversation went south. Because I mentioned the fact that I, too, wish to one day become a millionaire.

Why do you want to do that?” was the question they asked me. They were not happy for me for having that goal for myself, and made it seem like I had an insidious plan. Don’t aim for such lofty goals was what I was hearing, even though the reasons had more to do with aiming to become a millionaire for the right reasons. And there are right and wrong reasons for seeking what I’m seeking which most people basically see as seeking money.

So am I seeking something selfish, or wrong? Am I simply greedy, and do I simpy want to get as much as I can so I can crush the poor beneath my feet and laugh at their plight? Or maybe it’s just that I want to drive fast cars and take expensive drugs – right??

Let me give a few legitimate reasons that someone might want become a millionaire, instead. And let me also say this: having a million bucks these days doesn’t mean you’re even that rich – you’re just at the point of being pretty comfortable (maybe) in today’s economy. Which brings me to the first reason.

Reason to Become a Millionaire #1: Comfort

With enough money, a person could buy the things they need (i.e. food, clothing, shelter) plus a whole bunch of things they want and like. Th alternative to this nice setup is not being able to buy the necessities and not being able to buy the comforts. I’ve lived a life of having tons of comforts, then a long time of having very few comforts (and no money!), and I have decided something: I wish to own all the necessities of life, as well as some comforts. That is my decision. No one can accuse me of making an uninformed decision, either, because I’ve been in both situations. Having what you need, plus more, is way better. I assure you. And don’t let anyone convince you that it’s better to be poor, without giving you some reasons. (They won’t be able to.)

Reason to Become a Millionaire #2: Stability

Probably, I should have listed this first because it’s one of the primary benefits of having more money than you need to actually have to just-barely pay the bills. But I listed it second because it’s one of those things that isn’t immediately apparent when someone has enough money. It’s something that shows itself over time. When someone has gone a year without an overdraft, and they finally notice the money in their bank account has accumulated, and they take a look at the fact that they’ve been able to always pay all their bills every month…that person looks at their life and realizes something: it’s not full of turmoil. It’s stable. And this stability comes from having money, not from not having money. So if I’m going to seek enough money to maintain a life of stability, don’t fault me.

Reason to Become a Millionaire #3: Health

I’m going to condense a bunch of reasons into one and speak of “health” as a generally healthy life for the millionaire and his family. And by “health” I mean physical, mental, social, monetary, educational…and just about anything else you can think of in life that can be either “healthy” or “unhealthy”. Is a rich person always healthy? No, I’m not saying that. The soul of a rich man might be “unhealthy” – sick with greed. But perhaps more often, the soul of a rich man could be good and strong. Because in my opinion, having great resources allows a person to care for themselves better than not having those resources. Having money means a person can literally get health care, but it allows them to be educated, it allows them to give to those in need, it allows them to experience the beautiful things that life offers, it allows them to provide well for those they love, it allows them to do so much more than having a lack of resources allows. And those surrounding the “rich man” have more opportunities as well. Pestilence, death, ignorance, and hopelessness are associated with poverty. But health (and the things associated with it) are what wealth can bring.

But why do I want to become a millionaire? It’s all the above, plus one huge reason I think encompasses just about everything…

Reason to Become a Millionaire #4: Freedom

Who says freedom is a bad thing? Usually, it’s dictators or the class-rulers who wish to keep their positions of power by keeping the “commoners” in darkness. Freedom is something men have fought for in my country since its inception – and it was founded upon the need for impoverished men to take hold of what God intended for them to have. But I find that more and more people today have less and less freedom. What’s disturbing about it is that the ones who are taking it away are doing it with power they’ve purchased. I, personally, see the dollar (or maybe the Euro) as the separator between those whose voiced are heard and those who are silenced. (Yes, I’m talking politically.) More than that, I see the dollar as the granter of a very practical freedom in everyday life. American workers earn less and less money for the time they work each year, and I would not be surprised if we are witnessing the death of America right now a little bit each day. I don’t know if we’re heading to third-world status (although the IMF has good reasons to monitor our economy with that in mind) but we’re heading to mass slavery for the poor and huddled masses that look forward to their taxed-into-nothing-left paycheck each payday.

I don’t want to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I want freedom from that.

I don’t want my kids to seek a minimum-wage job one day because college wasn’t an option. I want them to have freedom from that.

I don’t want to fear the day I or one of my family needs to go to the hospital, because we can’t afford health care. I want freedom from that.

I don’t want to lose my house because I couldn’t afford the mortgage. I want freedom from that.

I don’t want to be stranded without a car, because I can’t afford repairs/gas/insurance/etc. I want freedom from that.

In case you’ve been living in a hole for the last decade, the horrible things listed above are things middle-class Americans used to be free from. No longer. The things listed above are now very real concerns of everyday Americans. Beaver Cleaver doesn’t exist today, unless his dad earns more than average American. It’s changed drastically and the economy is getting worse.

So I want to become a millionaire. In fact, my goal is to make a first million. I have my reasons, and I hope they don’t seem like stupid, irresponsible, or selfish reasons. Because the way I see it it’s either freedom or struggle. And I prefer freedom.

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    2008-10-08 09:10:44

    I couldn’t agree more on this. And, I totaly support your goal. Main problem of our society is that only small amount (very very small amount) of people is thinking this way. Most of them are more keen to sit and wait and curse anyone who is more successfull then they are. And I wasn’t able to notice that until I made some moves and pulled my self out of misery. As soon as it became visible to others, they completely changed the way they treat me, in a positive way of course.

    Anyhow, great article and pretty interesting blog. I sure plan to drop by more often in the future.


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    2008-10-08 09:19:48

    I couldn’t agree more on this. And, I totally support your goal. Problem is, that only small amount of people is thinking that way. Most of them would rather sit and wait for something good to happen to them while putting curse on anyone who achieves any success. I wasn’t noticing these things before, until I made a success on my own and things are now completely different for me. The way people are treating me is now much better than when I was just a regular (poor) person. If more people around us would get this and start to fight, we would all have a better life.

    Btw, great article and pretty interesting blog. I plan to drop by more often in the future.


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    Comment by Blog Tactic
    2008-10-10 12:31:10

    I totally agreed with reason #1.

    Comfort equal pleasure.

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    Comment by buy essay
    2008-10-11 20:03:13

    Most of them would rather sit and wait for something good to happen to them while putting curse on anyone who achieves any success.

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    Comment by Affiliate Famous
    2008-10-12 15:58:15

    Very nice article and I can defiantly see that you want money for the right reasons. If you haven’t read the book, “How to Get Rich,” by Felix Dennis it discusses a lot of the issues written above.

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    Comment by shawn
    2008-10-14 04:48:30

    Yes – that is a great book. Also, I gotta recommend “The Richest Man in Babylon” as well as “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class” by Keith Cameron Smith.

    Reading will keep you inspired and it will give you new motivation and ideas.

    Comment by Ohio Health Insurance
    2008-10-20 03:14:00

    Well…I don’t about the “health” part. In my business, I have met about six lottery winners. And guess what? In most cases, their health deteriorated after they won the money!

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    Comment by Micro Bikini
    2008-10-21 02:51:20

    Brilliant article.

    I can relate totally to what you’re saying I’m _SERIOUSLY_ aiming to become a millionaire too. Not just a dream.

    Mainly is because I don’t want the main FOCUS of my life to be on getting money, worrying about how I’m going to get money, my job, stresses of my job, etc…

    I want my main FOCUS of life to be on things I truly want them to be on. Things I am passionate for, reading, exploring, travelling, food, music, etc…

    Having enough money to live with comfort is my aim, and a million is around that mark!

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    Comment by Debora
    2008-10-21 17:38:00

    Yes great 4 reasons to become a Millionaire. But the most important is the 3th: Health.

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    Comment by Darlenvennita
    2008-10-22 09:54:47

    Great job & very good book. Becoming a millionaire is not that easy, it takes time . I totally agree with reason #1.This is the better way. Thank you. Keep posting.

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    Comment by Alex
    2008-10-27 06:49:38

    You know what they say: money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure helps. You have less problems on your hands

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    Comment by Debora
    2008-10-30 13:33:40

    Alex you are absolutely right. I am totaly agree with that:”money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure helps”.

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    Comment by Nancy Sutherland
    2008-11-10 16:25:25

    Becoming a millionaire will happen if there is passion and purpose behind it.I believe if it is greed motivated, that the power of people buying in to helping make that happen is diminished. If the passion and purpose behind it is to impact people’s lives and get their by being servant minded, it will be so much more rewarding!~

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    Comment by Business Minder
    2008-11-14 10:21:30

    Millionaires need to have a purpose in their lives, and their purpose should not be money! Money, should be considered as a goal.

    Only by finding the purpose of your life will you be able to find yourself valuable in your life.

    Money? the more the better. But some people think becoming a millionaire is their purpose in life. Wrong!

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    Comment by Business Owner
    2008-11-23 17:48:16

    I have a couple of comments about being a millionaire. I am probably a millionaire, but no one would know it and I like it that way. They do not treat me better … they treat me the same or worse than others because they have no way of knowing. Store owners often do not even try to help me because I don’t look like the kind of buyer they expect. When they know, and they treat me differently because of it, I hate it!

    I do not have an extra million in a bank I can use whenever I want. I know some millionaires do not have any money in the bank, and have to work to make a living.

    I was not always a “millionaire” and I lived the same as I do now — but I had much more time to spend with friends and family. I miss that. I actually went 10 years without a vacation away from work for even a day. My parents are getting older without me. I used to see them 3 times a week … now I’m lucky to see them once a month … and they live in the same city.

    Usually, a good job allows you to keep your car, your home, and ability to enjoy life. Even if you are very rich, kids can always take out a loan for college and pay it back once they have a job. Mine is .. because if he didn’t .. he wouldn’t understand the value of money (and doesn’t yet). So I wouldn’t worry about that part too much. (And they have so much more initiative to try to get that scholarship, too!)

    I think freedom really is the freedom to do what you enjoy in life, and to follow the goals you set for yourself to be successful — the definition of success being that you are happy and proud of what you do and you are appreciated and loved. In my mind, the only way you can be successful is to reach out and help others.

    I have turned down many opportunities for money because I knew the money itself would not make me happy; it would, in fact, make me very uncomfortable with myself and I’d rather not have it at all. So I just did what I thought was right in the process of building a business. I actually think that is why I became even more successful — word gets out. :)

    I grew up in a home I consider very rich and I have wonderful memories of a wonderful childhood — I don’t know of any other friends with such an amazing childhood. Although we were very poor, we were richer than any other family I knew. I still remember the one gift I would get at Christmas and how much I loved it! My kids.. they expected whatever they wanted.

    I keep those memories and those lessons with me today and they slip out sometimes. ;)

    I have often seen that kids with rich parents just don’t realize the value of the money their parents must spend on them. I also have often believed that, had we been poor, my children may have appreciated things much more as they grew.

    My million? It came to me accidentally from doing something I enjoyed and doing it well and with purpose. And if I didn’t review the paperwork now and then, I wouldn’t even know I had it because how much I have or don’t have doesn’t matter to me. I’m just happy I am able to help others who in turn are able to help their employees.

    We used to live paycheck to paycheck; we even counted on the tax refund each year to pay debt. But we had a happy life and took vacations each year even if we had to camp – and I miss camping!

    Health? I’m in much worse health than I have been in before; but that happens to everyone. Money doesn’t seem to help there at all. If I could give up the money to have the health, I would.

    The best part about it? I can help others who need help. That feels good.

    The only other difference to me is simply that I can spend a ridiculous amount of money on something (like a backyard fountain) I would never have bought before (and feel guilty about it, too) .. and not have to plan and save when I need something. That’s it.

    Although there is definitely something to be said for having to plan and save … it allowed us as a family to appreciate everything we bought and every vacation we took.

    I still go to flea markets and sales. I still know the value of a dollar. I often spend the money I have on others.

    I do not do anything else differently than when our family only had one rather good job — except I am able to be more generous with others and buy things I don’t really need — and take vacations in hotel rooms instead of campgrounds. ;)

    This is definitely not to say that having money is not a good goal … I think most want to live comfortably for the reasons you cited.

    It’s just that I believe those who are truly successful and happy often get there by doing things they love that help others while behaving in an ethical manner … allowing God to guide their life’s decisions … without ever thinking about the actual end result.

    Judy :) (had to reply!)

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    Comment by Joshua Hall
    2008-12-03 04:39:32

    Great reasons to become a millionare. Personally, I feel that freedom is the best. I am also on a journey to become a millionare. Good luck!

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    Comment by Ed Penano
    2008-12-21 00:48:50

    The funny thing is about this article, is that “the reasons” are all intertwined in some way. That’s the best reason of all! And why I too, would want to become a millionaire! Good luck to everyone, and we will be on our way!

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