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Why You Need to Make It On Your Own

September 7th, 2012 by shawn · No Comments

From LewRockwell.com, I recently found the article Real Wealth, Gold, and Why Government May Want You on Food Stamps. Here’s an excerpt that really jumped out at me:

The bread lines of yesterday are the Food Stamps of today. In the 1950s Russian people stood in bread lines for hours. It was the best way to control the people and keep them from overthrowing the government. Hungry and tired from standing in bread lines, they would never pose much of a threat to the government.

While I see the logic and the helpfulness of something like unemployment (or even food stamps!) I think it needs to be something only taken as a very temporary measure. Avoid it as much as possible, and if you must take assistance from the gov’t, get off as soon as possible.

Sucking from the gov’t teat makes a person dependent, weak, and complacent. Stay independent, stay free…make it on your own.

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