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You Can Make Money Without a Job

May 11th, 2007 by shawn · 8 Comments

Entrepreneurial-minded people have the same problem: they don’t want to work at a job. You know what I mean, don’t you? Then you must be an entrepreneur. I didn’t say you had a business. I didn’t say you have even been successful at any of your ventures.

You probably have a job right now. You probably work for some other guy, and you make money for him…while he pays you a much smaller amount. This doesn’t mean you’re not an entrepreneur, though: what it means is that you either haven’t made the leap or haven’t seen the opportunity to be in business for yourself.It is totally feasible for you to make money for yourself, without having a job. You can make money without having to report to a boss every day. You can make money without being required to punch in at a certain time and punch out at a certain time. You can make money without having to labor a minimum amount of hours each and every week. You can make money without getting paid a set amount of money per hour or per paycheck (which may be far less than you’re worth). Making money without a job doesn’t mean you can make money without working; it does mean you can make money on your terms.You can make money without having a job, and there’s nothing stopping you from making good money. So
what can you do-outside of accumulating payday loans without a plan? Basically, either of the following:

1. You can provide a service.

2. You can sell a product.

You’ve got to decide exactly what it is you want to do, as well. This will be decided by your talents and your interests. For instance, maybe you know a thing or two about networking computers. Guess what? You’re exponentially more knowledgeable than most people in your city and you can use what you know to make money by providing a service. You can work as a home computer repair specialist by offering virus/spyware removal, home network installation, and tech support. People will pay for someone to do these things – and they might as well pay you instead of GeekSquad.

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You can make money at almost any type of service. Whether you’re an artist, a landscaper, a writer, an accountant, or nothing in particular you can find a service that people need, and make money at it. If you don’t have a particular talent but you see that people need a service you can always learn a new skill and provide the service – we’ve all seen DishNetwork installers driving from job to job. Just think about it: there’s a lot of money out there, and you can claim at least some of it for yourself.

There are other ways to make money that aren’t service-oriented. You can sell goods or even information to people, either online or in the “real” world. There are endless possibilities here as well, and you can still make tons of money without having to be open regular hours (or 9-5 every day). People have been successful doing everything from selling snowcones on weekends at the local flea market to selling links on websites. It all depends on what you know how to do and what you can imagine.

You don’t need to report to a job (where you’re not your own boss). Let me tell you what someone who is both famous and successful told me when I asked him the question “What must I know in order to make a lot of money for myself?” (I asked him, because this guy had done it.)

He told me the following advice:

Become an expert in something, and learn how to sell.

That was Mark Cuban who told me that – and it’s good advice. What it basically comes down to is you need a product or service, you need to know all about it, and you need to get it out there and sell it. If you can do that, you don’t need to rely on punching the timeclock to get your paycheck and you don’t need to be at the mercy of what an employer thinks you’re worth. You decide how much you’ll make.

Remember, you can make money… without a job.

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    Comment by Willster
    2007-05-11 02:26:55

    Good advice. I just moved to a new area without a job secured and actually found Craigslist to be very helpful.

    All I did was post my profile (not resume! you will get spam if you include contact information!) saying things I’m skilled in and what I’d be willing to do, and received quite a few replies from employers just within a couple days.

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    Comment by Willster
    2007-05-11 04:07:34

    What a coincidence, I just moved to Minneapolis myself. :) May I ask where you order your coffee? I just tried http://www.coffeebeandirect.com and will be getting a bag within the next day or two, but I usually just get something from the natural foods section at Rainbow.

    I really enjoy a lot of your posts and have added you to my links list.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-05-11 12:43:36

    My favorite is Community Coffee New Orleans Blend. Use it to make Cafe au Lait: If you use 2 tbsp of this coffee per cup of water in a drip coffee maker and scald an equal amount of whole milk. (Scalding means its almost gonna boil but not yet.) Add the milk to your cup and THEN pour the coffee. Now you’ve got one of the best legal pleasures available these days.

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    Comment by Theda K.
    2007-06-03 23:56:21

    Very good advice. My problem as an entrepreneur is selling myself. I offer a valuable service, and I’m good at it, but I’m not getting my name out there like I should.

    And interesting blog. I’ve been here before, and I’ll come back again soon. Thanks for reminding me that if I don’t learn to sell, I’ll never be a successful business owner.

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    Comment by shawn
    2007-06-04 01:13:42

    Thanks for visiting. What type of business do you have, and how do you currently try to sell your service?? Have you tried different methods of selling so you can see which one works best? Sometimes you need to experiment, as some methods of selling are suited for certain businesses but not well-suited for others.

    Comment by TC
    2009-05-29 01:20:18

    Like others I have found craigslist to be helpful. But I’ve also made money driving hotel guest to the airport for $30 one way. Delivering lunch from restaurants to area businesses and taking photos for realtors in my area. I got these ideas from http://www.sidehustleideas.blogspot.com

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    You Can Make Money Without a Job…

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