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You Want Backlinks? Here’s Some Backlinks

July 12th, 2007 by shawn · 7 Comments

Okay, don’t say I never gave you good info. This post is short and sweet: here’s a place you can get three free backlinks – PageRank 6 no less.

As of right now you can go to http://20linksaday.com/ and look for the “3 Free PR6 Links” link.

This is part of the pre-launch for 20 Links a Day, which looks like it’s gonna be a cool service. I’ve already gotten a bunch of free links from them over the past two weeks, and it’s awesome because they set you up with a blog account on one of their PR6 domains and you get to write a blog entry and place whatever link and whatever anchor text you want!!

So enough reading this post. Go get your links before this gets shut down…

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    Comment by Bill Smith
    2007-07-16 04:17:26

    Very black hat and very on the spot. great information Thanks

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    Comment by Joe Bartender
    2007-07-19 21:53:40

    Thanks for the heads up on this! I am new to the web publishing game and I can use all the help I can get.

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    Comment by inspiroi
    2007-07-22 06:15:18

    I’ll check it.

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    Comment by Lia
    2007-07-25 05:37:28

    Have you heard of the viral link system? I heard it really works in upping your page rank.

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    Comment by Ned
    2007-08-16 18:39:05

    this service is no longer open.

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    Comment by Fedmich
    2008-01-09 17:40:29

    too bad, isn’t it…

    I received the information too late…
    I am now seeing,

    “Sorry – no more free signups currently:
    Program is filled to capacity!

    Please check for renewed availability later.”

    I hope you can post more of these kinds of stuff

    Comment by Rob Schmidt
    2008-08-11 22:14:02

    I’m on my way to check out http://20linksaday.com/

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